Saturday, May 7, 2022

Kew - member earlies!

 1st May sees the start of the Kew early opening for members and I woke today at 4.30 - an hour before the alarm was due!  

All the normal 8am regulars were at the gate waiting to be let in...

We had rain overnight so there will be no lying down shots today

the alliums in the beds at the Palm House have really opened in the last week

and the red tulips in the round beds have been dead-headed so we are now purple and white

I walked down the Broad Walk first,  which I've not done lately

the rain drops on the alchemila mollis always appeal!
I think these are potentilla, my dad used to grow these (we had red ones mostly)
and of course, the alliums...

more in the background behind the euphorbia 

there were drops of water hanging on the edges of the flowers
and in the little cups.

there are still little groups of tulips,  love the red against the purple
and big drifts of white alliums
from halfway down the Broad Walk I turned off and walked up pas the wildflower meadow to the Hive

the floor of the Hive was very wet from the rain, and slippery.  Luckily I stayed on my feet!
the bottom of the slope covered in white flowers

the ancient wisteria near the Hive is slow to flower this year,

but the smell was amazing
the greenhouses don't get unlocked till 10 so I had to walk past...
the California poppies in the Rock Garden
and I noticed a Judas tree here too,  like the one in the Med garden

walking from the rock garden into the Evolution Garden

scilla,  (cuban lily) 
more poppies 
huge peony

I had to photograph the label so I'd remember it

aurinia saxitalis

there was lots of yellow about
and acid green yellow flowered euphorbia
more peonies

luckily the rain wasn't hard enough to damage them

rhododendrons in the woodland walk leading back to the Broad Walk

I walked past the end of the Palm House again
heading to the Med garden  but these bright tulips in amongst a clump of wildflowers stopped me

they make a lovely splash of colour
the Judas tree in the Med garden - there was a couple on the bench in front having breakfast so I didn't go closer and I think in the distance on the bench in the alcove of the building was my mate Lynda

round by Cherry Walk and the Temperate House
to see the tulips -   the grass is as high as they are now, so they are disappearing into the green

but the deep colours still show up well

and on the other side of the path, a huge clump of buttercups in amongst the grass too.

just as well the surrounding grass would have been too wet to lie on, I'd only have got grass in my close ups!

as the Temperate House was still locked, I headed round to the Treetop Walkway past more wildflowers

and climbed the steps 

they are working on a new lift (hurrah!) 
I was very careful not to drop my phone as I hung out over the ledge

the view amongst the trees was fabulous though,  it's been a long time since I came up here

I stood on the bench in the viewing area at the end to get an even higher view across to the Palm House to my left
and the Temperate House to my right

blogger has reversed order on the next 7 or 8.....

the sweet chestnut trees are in flower, 

back at the top of the stairs down, I had a closer look at the work on the lift... think it will be a while before it's ready!

although it was quite cloudy, there was still a fairly good view across London

back on the ground I headed "inland"  towards the lake

walking along Cedar Vista I think past huge rhododendrons
and other trees in flower

ahead of me by the small pond I could see Lynda and Kym so stopped for a chat
Lynda had said she'd been watching the goslings at the lake and I came across them a short time later

before heading towards the Woodland walk and the bluebells

there was dappled sun now and I could take my hoodie jacket off

it was peaceful and beautiful (apart from planes overhead) 

I think this is wild garlic

I don't really get hayfever but something was making my nose tickle!

and blogger is reversing again... sorry I can't be faffed to delete and re-do them!

viewed the edge of the Japanese Garden from a distance before heading down the grass path to the Temperate House

some different flowering trees -  crataegus rotundifolia

I sat on the bench outside the Temperate House for about ten minutes till they unlocked..

where I started with the Bird of Paradise flowers, 

i was trying to get the tips of the petals (I assume they are petals)  but the camera has made the very dark
that's better!

I love these flowers 

the colours are so varied on them
ok, that's enough!! 

in the main 'room' huge leaves creating patterns in front of my eyes

headed round the side past the Silver Daisy bush

then of course, up to the viewing platform 

a few days ago a Facebook memory photo popped up of when the TH re-opened.  it is incredible to see how much they've grown! 

so I went back and found one for you - from 2018

just look!  

peering down onto the plants

as I started down the steps I noticed the pattern of the bottom of the barrier  so had to stop
on my way out of the Temperate House I stopped at the tree ferns behind the waterfall

leaving the Temperate House I walked down the grass back towards the Palm House -  there is a new installation in preparation

they look amazing and I hope we'll be able to get up closer when it's finished
I've checked the website and it's part of their summer programme, Food and Wellbeing

these are trolls called Matt and Helen (how appropriate) 
ooh, big black cloud,  let's eat inside...

hot chocolate, although it's really a bit warm for that, but no matter,  and a (now smaller and more expensive) sausage roll!  nice though

back outside, by the war memorial (currently being repaired)

a beautiful ceanothus 

I'm sure I must have  seen it there before.....

back to the Palm House 
and inside for a quick whizz round

and then into the Waterlily house
lots more leaves coming
and how much the bigger 2 in the middle have grown in a week

lots of different varieties of waterlily

loved these yellow ones

next, off to the Princes of Wales conservatory

these are the (fruits?) of the jade vine
there was no sign of the water dragon this week, but I came cross this strongly smelling plant
which seemed to have flowers growing along the edge of the leaves
it's a variety of coffee - hope you can read it, I didn't have time to change lens

through the temperate orchid room

grevillea, of course 

Alpine House

bit blurry, sorry,  but so pretty

far end of the alpine house, the display I loved so much last week

on my way out through the rock garden

pretty little iris

small euphorbia in the rock garden

on the top path, the fluffy seedheads of the pasque flowers

as I got back to the pond to head home, the fountain came on - but just for a few seconds

round the back of the pond is a big group of larger iris.  so pretty
and the gunnera are growing well

thanks for looking, hopefully next week I won't wake quite so much earlier than I need to but we'll do it all again!


Celtic house said...

Crikey that was an early start, but worth it with those beautiful shots, you can feel the summer colours and flowers starting to impact on your visits to Kew xxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow ! What a big change in the Waterlily house! Lots of lovely colour around now - we went to Abbeywood gardens at the weekend - poppies, alliums and potentilla there too! Thanks for taking the fading Cherry walk pics! Hugs, Chrisx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now I have TWO posts to read in order to catch up. I'm going to try to make this a quickie.

If I didn't know what an allium was before, i sure do now. I know ONE reason you love them is because they are your favorite color.

I love the water droplets on the leaves. This is always fun to see.

Like you, I love the scent of wisteria. I bought some red poppy seeds, but I doubt they will be as pretty as the ones in the Rock Garden. I miss my peonies and got really nostalgic when I saw your photos. Still love seeing those tulips even in the high grass.

That view over the edge of the Treetop walkway to the machine below was impressive. So were all the photos you took up top.

Those Canadian geese are EVERYWHERE!!

Like you, I also love Bird of Paradise. They won't grow here because our winters are too cold.

The waterlilies are really growing and the pads are expanding nicely. Cute trolls. I am glad you like their names.

That is GREAT news for us coffee drinkers. I just hope it isn't lacking in caffeine, my drug of choice.

Thanks for this early morning walk. I'm heading to this week's visit now.