Saturday, August 4, 2018

Kew - another scorcher

After a very few cooler days, we're back in temperatures in the high twenties or low thirties again.  But  that wasn't going to stop me heading to Kew again, although I didn't stay long today.
 there was another train strike on the second of the lines I use to get to Kew, and only one train an hour running - luckily the one on the way was the one that gets me there for the 8am opening...

walking across the River Thames, the tide was high so I snapped a quick pic
 and as I came through the gates the light through the first bed caught my eye...
 before heading to the first shot Palm House!

the urns are still looking glorious in the continuing heat

 even the seagulls were playing the shadow-selfie game!

 I caught sight of a large cobweb in the sun

took my customary early walk down the Broad Walk

lots of purple and yellow still

 the light was catching on the water drops (from watering, not rain)

 and there were bees out collecting pollen early

 the cardoon, giant structural thistle-like, statuesque and striking.  and attracting bees

more purple and yellow

then up to the Hive where the wildflowers are setting seed - love the seedheads almost as much as the open flowers.

 at the top of the path as it rounds the corner to the Hive, they are tumbling over the path.
 the huge tree next to the Hive (on the other side of the path) - I think it's an Indian horsechestnut - was full of fluffy blossom from the fading flowers that was wafting to the floor forming a carpet.   Good job I don't get hayfever!
 Asiatic lily (I think) growing in the Rock Garden

 which was looking glorious in the early sunlight

 this is one of my favourite clematis varieties, love the fluffy beards. 

 and the bees were busy here too

 one or two field poppies still in the poppy bed, a last flourish

 more bee activity

the squashes are growing well

this one was laying over the grass

 pine tree full of flowers/cones

 more water drops - walking back towards the cafe for breakfast now

 after breakfast (coffee and cake again!) I walked towards the temperate house, but no trip to the Pagoda today, was way too hot to think about climbing the steps

 the cool looking shade under the trees belies the truth of the heat!  It may only have been 9.45 but it was already about 25 degrees and very humid

I walked round the back of the Temperate House to the Treetop walkway..

 where after climbing the stairs (of course the lift is out of order)
the sides of the walkway were making pretty patterns on the walkway itself

 not as high up as up the Pagoda of course, but still a pretty good view

 back down and off to the Temperate House, this was taken through a window as I walked round to the door
 popped up the stairs for an aerial view

but it was a bit sticky up there, so I descended and went to sit in the doorway where a delicious breeze was blowing through

 after re-applying suncream, I set off again.

these trees look so different to a few short months ago when they were surrounded by the underplanted tulips
 sheltered in one of the many buildings, this one overlooking the Mediterranean garden

 it was lovely and cool inside! 

 beautiful rose in the Rose Garden (variety called Skylark)
 plane trails....
 and pretty cloud formations

 nipped into the Waterlily house but they had the outer door shut today and the heat absolutely hit you as you went inside, so I didn't linger!

just long enough to walk round once and make a fast exit!

Headed home from there, as there was a train due and it was too hot to hang around for another whole hour, so that's your lot today!!


Lin said...

Great post again Helen and lovely piccies...don't blame you for heading home early xx

jinxxxygirl said...

Helen i so enjoy your visits to Kew and look forward to them... Hugs! deb

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I feel for you and the heat you are experiencing.Europe seems to be caught in this incredibly vicious cycle.

It's always fun to see the Thames and the boats that live on it.

Of course, the urns are looking so colorful and happy. Laughed at the seagull shadow selfies. I love how they match the flowers in front of the Palm House.

The photos from the rock garden were glorious. I always enjoy that area.

SO glad to see the bees hard at work. I'm sure they helped pollinate the squash. I thought they were pumpkins at first.

Is that a sundial in the Mediterranean garden? That old building is gorgeous. I enjoyed the architecture.

I can see why you didn't stay long. Between the train problems and the excessive heat, I would have been headed for home, too. Thanks for taking us with you, though.

Diana Taylor said...

Gorgeous photos Helen, I particularly love the Cardoon - it's a plant I have always wanted but my garden is too small for such a large plant. I can see why you didn't stay long, I'm so looking forward to this cooler weather - I have a list of places I want to visit while it's not unbearably hot!
Diana x

Virginia said...

It really is a stunning place to visit, thank you for taking us there. I loved the red flowers in the urns - stunning and the grass is still lush and green!

craftimamma said...

Wow Helen, I really don't know how you managed to walk round all that on such a hot day. How kind of you to suffer on our behalf, lol! My absolute favourite pics of this visit are the ones of the beautiful clematis and its seedheads.

You still managed to pack a fair bit in to your 'short' visit but I certainly don't blame you for giving the pagoda a miss this time.

Lesley Xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Well done for walking around in that heat (although I recall the day we went it was the week of the Spring heatwave and it was 26 degrees) I can see that by travelling backwards the bloom certainly have faded a lot! Hugs, Chrisx