Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trip to Liverpool - part two, Liverpool Docks

So, this morning the final day of our trip, and Lin and I had more time before our train home, than Sam and Emma, so once we got back to Lime Street station, Lin and I headed off to explore - I have long been wanting to see the Dock area, and the Three Graces, so we followed some signposts and set off...

 Modern additions to the old building, Lime Street station.  

a stunning warm day, with beautiful blue skies... so I may have got a bit carried away with the camera!

St George's Hall, opposite the station

 amazing architecture everywhere

 after a short walk we found Albert Dock bathed in the same sunshine (bet it doesn't look quite the same on a wet day!)
 lets play match the Fresco blues...
 this is an Art Gallery, loved the reflections of the surrounding buildings in the glass

 we sat down for a bit and I wandered off to take some more photos.  Lin isn't feeding the pigeons, honest!
 modern buildings with a peak of the Liver Building behind
 more reflections..
 Just a little further on, we were looking for

Three Graces - the  Port of Liverpool Authority building, the Cunard Building and the Royal Liver Building

Port of Liverpool building, the oldest, opened in 1907, former home of the Harbour Board offices.

 the Royal Liver building, with the world famous Liver Birds on the domes. Opened in 1911.  HQ of the Royal Liver Friendly Society.

 me posing with the Liver Building behind

 didn't have the long lens with me this weekend, this is as close as I can get!

Statue of Edward VII  -
he stands with the Cunard building behind him, it is a very impressive likeness of him.
The Cunard building, former HQ of the (in)famous Cunard shipping company, opened in 1917

You can read more about them all here
 Museum of Liverpool building, built 2011, I love the design of this (more later) - we passed it on the way to the Three Graces
 had to look at the time to take a ferry though!

 but we could pretend we took a ferry...
 still enjoying playing match the Fresco blue paint...
 stopped for coffee at the Beatles Story cafe, though we didn't go up to the exhibition
 love the colourful ferry

 the Mersey sparkling in the mid-day sun!
 hmm... has to be done...

...posing with the Fab Four
 we walked back passed the Museum of Liverpool... and popped inside

 inside. we had a look round the ground floor exhibits, history of transport  and the early days of Liverpool's trade
 not sure that a wooden engine would pass health and safety these days!

 outside, the window of the Mersey Ferry building was shimmering, it looked amazing. Lin suggested I video it but I didn't know how to....
 more reflections as we found our way back along the dockside 

 more stunning reflections
 and this fabulous pointed building!
really love it
 and old..

 back at Lime Street, early for our train, but we needed to sit down!
 love the red of the pillars (nothing to do with my favourite football team of course,(ahem),, it's probably for the Virgin train platforms.... although I think they were elsewhere in the station so maybe not!
so that was the weekend in Liverpool, home for a rest!  Had a great time with Sam Lin and Emma, and thanks to Lin for putting up with my walking round the Docks for two hours to take all these!


Chris Cresswell said...

Fabulous. Your photos really reflect the past wealth of this city. Magnificent buildings due to the wealth of the shipping magnates. A wonderful trip around the city. I think we went on that colourful ferry over to the Isle of Man earlier this year.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous photos of my old college playground!! I think I need to visit again soon as there seem to be a lot of new buildings around! Hugs, Chrisx ps I'll be back to visit Kew another day!

craftimamma said...

Another brilliant tour courtesy of you and your lens! Thanks Helen, it looks like you had a smashing little tour to finish off your fab weekend.

Lesley Xx

Angela Curror said...

Brilliant - really interesting virtual tour - thank you.

Kirsten said...

Wonderful photos! They brought back so many memories for me, but I can also see how much has changed since I was last there - I really should plan a trip back sometime......
Well done for cramming so much in, I bet your feet are sore! ;-)

Miriam said...

Fabulous photos.... lovely trip to Liverpool....though the ones with you and Lin with the statues...they are either really big or you are both tiny 😂😂

Miriam said...

Fabulous photos.... lovely trip to Liverpool....though the ones with you and Lin with the statues...they are either really big or you are both tiny 😂😂

sam21ski said...

WOW Helen, wonderful photos and I can't believe how much you got to see in so little time being as though you were back to the station with a couple of hours to spare. Glad it was a nice day for you or you'd have had to spend 5 hours in the train station - lol xx

sam21ski said...

I've been to Liverpool sooo many times to the ferry port to get to the Isle of Man but it is nice to see it all again as I'd forgotten what most of it looked like!!

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen, wonderful photos' We went to have a look around Liverpool when we went up in May. Was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the city was. Hugs, Shaz xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! Stunning pics, Helen! What incredible architecture against those blue skies! Your trip was certainly varied and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. Liverpool looks such a fascinating city - and what a contrast with Port Sunlight too! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how great. You do such a good job as our tour guide. I've seen the statues of the FabFour before, but had no idea they were so large!! also love the architecture, all those grand buildings that prove Liverpool's wealth and success, it really all looks so amazing. And I do love a city that has a central rail station!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I simply adore how the old and modern come together in your photos and in this city. So different from the Port Sunlight Village you shared before.

I was impressed with everything, right down to the Fab Four, the wooden steam engine, and the funky buildings you captured in reflection and straight on.

Christine said...

Lovely photos, thank you so much for sharing.
PJ and I had a superb day in Liverpool some years ago and, as yet, not made it back there yet, so I have loved your photos.