Thursday, October 6, 2016

No rest here - a gorgeous day at Kew

So after a bit of deliberating and twittering, I decided to go to Kew today, the forecast said there may be rain, but more likely to be some tomorrow... glad I went, thanks to Sam for persuading me!
It was well worth it, I had a lovely long walk (again, two days on the trot!)

As usual, a very photo heavy post!  settle back again.
 just look how massive the path between the Broad Walk Borders looks on the widest angle!
 down low and close up - loving how close you can get with the new lens, set wide
 the flowers are nearly all gone but there were still bees humming around
 another kneeling down at ground level for the michaelmas daisies
 the furry seed head of the tall cardoon (artichoke thistle) - had to reach up as high as I could

the wind was blowing through the grasses, wish I could have captured the movement

these grasses in the border near the fountain seem to have grown from nowhere since I was here 2 weeks ago

the gunnera makes a great frame for the fountain
 another close up, I really like the splotches on these leaves, not sure if horticulturally they are good or bad!
lots of colour on the trees and some great rustling through the fallen ones underfoot!

Again, not sure if the splotches are good or bad, but they make great pictures

 there was a new exhibition on in the gallery behind the trees here, Flora Japonica, some amazing Japanese art - sadly not able to photograph it (though it wasn't stopping one woman on her phone)
 before I went in I caught some of the fabulous colour on the trees outside

 managed to frame these against the now blue sky

 and some great shadows amongst the fallen leaves

berries of all colours...

amazing colours and patterns on this leaf
 the Pagoda, with the Japanese garden in front, elongated by the lens
 more berries, had to get the name down I'd never have remembered it - sorbus hurehensis
and this one is sorbus setschwanensis
 lying flat down on the ground to get the crocus, shining translucent in the sunshine

dappled shade under the trees
up on the Treetop Walkway, the lens again at its widest to dramatise the length of the walkway

 love this twisty tree trunk!
 the Henry Moore - knew I could get some great distortion here... took loads!

 these are just a few.

The Sackler crossing across the lake, a twisty slightly sensuous S shaped bridge. Have always wondered why it's called the Sackler crossing - read an inscription on the bridge - named after the family who supported it's installation

 round through the Rose Garden to the back of the Palm House - more exaggeration of the shape (loving this lens!)
 inside the Waterlily House, can now get the whole pond in one shot!
 Crews of Kew undergraduates working hard on the Palm House parterre, getting ready for the winter bedding
 Rock Garden
inside the Alpine House, especially for Elizabeth!
 through the other side of the Alpine House to the Grass garden, looking magnificent
 low level shooting again....

 next stop......
 the Hive - dramatic sky, amazing structure on the wide angle!

 looking down...
 and up... looks like someone zentangled it!
 close up of one of the junction points, again with the wide angle lens

 from underneath at the bottom looking up
 back on the Broad Walk borders on my way out, the yellow of the rudbeckia blurred by the lens focussing on the fluffy stems in the front
and a final wide angle shadowy view.

Another 330 photos whittled down, and another 4 hour walk.... day off tomorrow, it's a rest day!!

thanks for looking.


sam21ski said...

Ooooh glad you took my advice and went, fantastic photos as usual. Those different coloured berries are absolutely amazing and that sorbus sets whatsit are beautiful. My fave one is the one where you can see the grasses moving with the purpley flowers and the end of the white bench on the left, love those grasses in that photo. xxx

jojo79 said...

Some great pictures Helen. xx

Miriam said...

Looks like a great day out Helen. I love the changing colour of the trees and those berries are fabulous!

Miriam said...

Looks like a great day out Helen. I love the changing colour of the trees and those berries are fabulous!

Shaz Brooks said...

Awesome pictures Helen, it's one of the places on our Must Visit list. Hugs, Shaz xx

craftimamma said...

These photos just prove to me why Autumn is my favourite season! Such gorgeous colours all the way through and I have three favourites in todays post, the fluffy seed head, the gnarled tree trunk and the beautiful cluster of different coloured berries. I also love all the graceful grasses and can just imagine all the movement when their delicate stems were waving in the breeze. You certainly made good use of your new lens and it has certainly enabled you to take some magnificent shots of places in Kew that I have come to know through your photos.

Lovely post Helen and I'm glad Sam persuaded you to go too. Thanks for putting up with sore feet and achy legs on our behalf.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm breathless. Your photos are stunning. I love that new lens. I was especially fond of the Lily Pond (and anyone who doesn't enlarge the photo is a fool), the Henry Moore sculpture, the crocuses, and the inside of the Alpine House (thanks for thinking of me).

I also liked how the beds outside the Palm house were being planted. I remember last year the beautiful red and blue flowers that bloomed for several weeks on end. It was a sight one doesn't quickly forget.

So glad you used your new wide angle lens (is it 28mm?) at Kew. It gave the grounds an entirely new look and perspective.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow Helen! You have some amazing photos here! Love those multicoloured berries! Hugs,Chrisx

Diana Taylor said...

Beautiful pics! I really want pink and purple berries in my garden now - I only have red and orange ones! They are just gorgeous!

Linda said...

Hi Helen! Thanks for popping by my blog again! It's lovely to see old friends again!! Lovely photos as ever, I really must get to Kew soon. X

Elaine said...

Fantastic photos. I don't always comment but love seeing your walking tours. I really must make the effort and visit Kew. Thanks for sharing your photos. Elaine x