Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another quick trip to Kew

I have a hair appointment shortly but this morning I wanted to go to Kew to get another look at the encroaching Autumn colour - and boy, was it worth it!  I do however, miss the early morning entrance (not so much the early morning wake up it required) but still....
 I started taking pictures outside, waiting for the gates to open, of Kew Green opposite the entrance I use
 once inside, I was going to head for the arboretum where the huge trees are, but this is on the way

 I walked up the Broad Walk, there is still lots of colour, although as you saw last week on my visit during my week off, they were clearing the beds so there are now some gaps ready for next season
 got some good closeups though...
 love this grass

 and the dew drops on this..

 was able to walk right under the branches of this big beauty

and out came the new lens set to it's widest angle (10mm)
 walking round the back of the fountain, I was pleased to get some great reflections despite the lack of sunshine
 and the new planting outside the Palm House

 more great reflections (we'll come back this way again later on our walk!)
 I cut through the Palm House where the sprays were misting the plants and creating humidity and my lens to mist up
 huge palm leaves
 outside, walk across the Rose Garden towards the tree colour in the distance, which was attracting me!
 turned round to get a picture of the tree colour behind me (not liking the look of that sky, but fortunately it only dropped a few spits and spots of rain)

changing lens so you can see the Palm House (look carefully now!) in the distance behind.

 groups of bulbs hiding under the trees, I crept in for a closer look, treading carefully so as not to crush them
 we're getting to the arboretum now where the best colour is, and some of my favourites not just in autumn

 so you can orientate yourself a bit, the Palm House is at the end of this walk (in the photo) and the other direction, is the Pagoda , but I wasn't going that way today

 this is my favourite tree, but it has already shed lots of it's leaves (it had in fact last time I was here), this beech, it has such fabulous colour.

even without sun, it looks fabulous

 colour in every direction!

 the vitus growing all round the fence that surrounds one of the restaurants

 still some of the blue/purple berries left...
 I didn't take time to stop for a coffee today, as I needed to be home for my haircut, but it was tempting!

 couldn't decide if I liked this view best at wide 10mm angle...
 or this one (can't remember what setting!)  - so you get them both!

 had to walk back past the beech tree on the way to where I was next heading

 and this tree near the Victoria Gate entrance is always stunning

 as you can see, it's huge!

 seed heads outside the main entrance

 back to the Palm House pond and the reflections have improved as the sun was out (not that the sky looks like it!)
 there were loads of gulls flying around, never seen so many.. must be attracted to whatever has been planted in the parterre beds

close up of the pots holding autumn bedding

 quick look into the waterlily house, just managed to keep the lens clear enough for a couple of pictures..

 the spray was finally looking good in the sunshine
 the jets seemed to me to be set to a different pattern, or maybe it was windy out on the water as it was flying everywhere (it wasn't at all windy, so it can't have been that!)

 the rose pergola, from the rock garden gateway
 view of the Princess of Wales glasshouse through the rock garden with some splashes of colour
 giant funghi growing in a flower bed
 the alpine house with the POW behind
 Grass garden, looking fluffy!
 bullrushes in the sunken waterlily area, was attracted by the splash of colour,I don't often go over here
 so I took a walk around it, it's only small as you see

 into the Duke's garden... still lots of colour although the beds have been cleared of much of the growth

 but what is left, is tall!
 back through the grasses

 off to the Hive now, can't let a visit pass without looking at it
glinting in the sun...

 just love the light shining through this huge tree

look, blue sky, (at home time of course)
and back where I started, the geese enjoying the grass in the sunshine!

and, as if by magic, my hair is now cut and all tidy again!


sam21ski said...

Wow those reds in the trees look stunning and my photo of the day today is the one of the reflection of the building xx

Angela Curror said...

BEAUTIFUL! I thoroughly enjoyed that walk around Kew with you!

craftimamma said...

Thanks for the walk Helen. My feet don't half ache, lol! Fabulous photos all the way through but my favourites are the first two or three close ups of the lovely purple grass and the really gnarly tree trunk below the photo of the vitus covered fence. Some absolutely gorgeous autumnal shades in these.

Lesley Xx

Claire said...

Love all the photos today, the colours are amazing! Today I really enjoyed the fountain photos and also those beautiful purple and blue berries. Claire xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's hard to pick a favorite photo from this latest batch, but there are some that truly stick out.

I don't think I've ever seen the Victoria Gate before. And the tree next to it is really putting on a show.

I couldn't believe the tree you were able to walk under. It was HUGE and very impressive.

Reflections are always fun, and that building provided a fantastic view. Of course, I also fell in love with all the photos of the fountain, too, even though I've seen it often.

I had NO idea the Alpine house was so close to the Princess of Wales house. They truly seem to compliment each other.

I'm glad you went by the small waterlily outdoor pond. It's a beauty with all the grasses.

All those yellows, pinks, oranges, and reds, proved autumn has truly arrived in your world. And all this before your hair cut, too. it must have been a perfect day!