Monday, August 18, 2014

We're all going on a summer holiday....

Well, I have a week off work at least!  I decided that I'd start with another trip to Kew to see how it's grown since my last visit - and this time, take a trip up the recently re-opened Pagoda.

 I walked past the lake outside the Palm House, the sun was sparkling on the fountain, but by the time I'd got the long lens on, the sun had gone behind a cloud!
the Healing Giant from the second floor of the Pagoda, full of medicinal plants
 and another floor up - you can't open the windows (for obvious reasons) so the frame is in the way

 and at the top of the 253 winding steps (not as hard work as the Treetop walk, in my mind) you see some gorgeous views of London - despite the cloud, it was clear and you could see a long way in every direction.
some well know London landmarks
 Twickenham stadium
the Japanese garden
 the temperate house with high rises behind!
I had the 30 minute slot to myself, as luck would have it, and you can wander around for as long as you like - just need to be back down at ground floor in the 30 minutes for the next group.

 the Healing Giant on the way down again!
You get a certificate when you get back to ground floor!

It's 163 feet high and was built in 1761. it does cost extra to go up, and having done it once I won't need to do it again, but it was worth it for the views.
Took this one from one arm of the Giant!
and this, of the threatening clouds... although they didn't rain on me!

The plants in the Giant are well labelled,

this giant knitting was by the comfrey though I'm not sure it is knitted from comfrey (I wasn't paying enough attention, obviously!)
 The stunning summer bedding display outside the Palm House is looking much brighter and has filled out even in the 3 weeks since my last visit...
gorgeous mixes of colours

 lots more people there than on my usual trips (as you know I like to get there early as they open at 9.30 and leave before it gets too busy!)
into the Waterlily house - this is a beauty!
 and these
the 'yarn bombing' has spread to a second tree!
 and the beds down the Broad Walk are still looking fabulous.

 laid on my stomach for this one! Luckily the grass was dry!

 I went into Kew Palace which is now included in the entrance price to the gardens, this is the Clerk's Office from the Royal Kitchens, the books are ledgers of orders for the kitchens
this was a list from 1789 of the pigs, sheep etc they'd ordered (you may be able to enlarge it) (wouldn't you just love to have the ledger and alter it?!)

Not sure where I'll go tomorrow - the way my legs ache, it may be nowhere... but you can be sure my camera will come with me!


snazzyoriginal said...

Looks like you had an amazing day x

sam21ski said...

Bet you just wanted to get journaling in that ledger didn't ya!!!

Great close ups of those pretty coloured flowers as usual and another great trip around Kew, thanks for sharing as that's the closest I'll ever get.

My fave photo of this collection is 4th from the bottom, those grass/reed type shapes - gorgeous xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a lovely time - and no rain! Fantastic photos, the views from the Pagoda look amazing. AS do all the flowers, I love the Echinacea & the ones that look like reeds.

craftimamma said...

I should copy and paste Sam's comment, lol! She has said everything I was going to and has the same favourite photo. John says do they provide oxygen when you get to the top of the pagoda because he'd need that and a time extension for getting back down ;D. TBH I know I wouldn't get that far and neither would he, lol!

Fabulous post Helen, I've really enjoyed it.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm playing catch up here with FOUR posts to see. Holy cow. You showed me London like I've never seen it.

I love, love, love, love, love the poppies. So glad you bought one. From what you said, I gather you don't get yours until the event is over, although I didn't get that feeling when I went to the poppy site. I must have overlooked that part of the purchase. Loved seeing how the workers made them, though.

Not only did you get lovely photos of the bridge with the bus, you also got buses in other photos. And I noticed there was SOME new construction, but not as much as I saw on TV last year. Maybe they've completed a few of their projects along the river.

I've never seen that sky tram across the river before. What a lovely way to get photos.

You seem to like to visit museums the same way I do. I get lots of photos, go on to the next museum, and look at the photos at my leisure at a later time.

And of course, the Kew. Lovely photos of the flowers. Like how you get "up close and personal" with them.

Thanks for taking me on this fantasy vacation. I didn't even have to pack my bags OR spend a dime (pence), yet got a lovely view of your trips through your lenses. Thank you, thank you!