Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 3 - Imperial War Museum

Ok, so I didn't have a day chilling at home - instead I took myself off to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, south London. They've recently re-furbished their World War I rooms, and in view of the 100 year anniversary, I wanted to see it.

I can't remember the last time I went there - probably in my not quite teenage years, one school holiday with Mum and my brother and sister - I know we went once at least. Not sure if I've been since.  I did however, remember the outside:

the British Naval cannons in front of the main entrance.

Inside, you are greeted by several fighter planes suspended from the ceiling
 there are 4 floors of war memorabilia and displays.

 Field Marshal Montgomery's tank from the desert campaigns of WWII

Spitfire, on the left,  my Mum was in the Wrens in the last war, she worked on these, we have a photo of her in her Wrens uniform sitting astride the cockpit
 there are a lot of stairs up and down to the levels of exhibits, (lifts too, but I climbed the stairs) so now my legs ache again!
Bombed out car.

Quite rightly, you can't take photographs inside the Holocaust memorial - who would want to - it was harrowing, as you can imagine.
The WWI rooms - for which on busy days (like today) they issue timed entrance tickets when you arrive - was very good, but with very dim lighting so again I didn't take any pictures inside.
It was very well laid out, lots of technology to add to the displays, films playing and sound effects, a good if thought provoking day out.

Not sure if I will go anywhere tomorrow - Friday is meant to be wet, so I am sure I'll be home then, getting ready for a weekend away crafting, but tomorrow may be nice - so there may be one more outing to come!


sam21ski said...

Another great day out xxx

Anonymous said...

Been years since I visited the IWM, but I still remember the Holocaust memorial. Very traumatic.

Deborah Wainwright said...

I can see it was a very interesting day. We are very lucky today x

craftimamma said...

More exceptional pictures! Even though the IWM is not such a pull for me as Kew and the Natural History Museum, no doubt there are area I would like to see and the building looks enormous! I bet if he could choose this would be John's pick.

It's been lovely visiting our capital through your lens!

Lesley Xx

Lin said...

more great piccies of another day out Helen!! thanks for sharing :) looks like you are making the most of your hols x