Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 2 - London

Today I went to London - I started at the Natural History Museum- yes in the school holidays! I don't think I've been since I left school..
I only remember the inside from the film "One of our Dinosaurs is missing" !
 fantastic ceiling

 A stunning space
 Charles Darwin, sitting at the top of the stairs overlooking the comings and goings

 giant sequoia tree trunk -  it lived over 1300 years (which is a baby for this species apparently)
 I wandered around for quite a while, but the queue for the dinosaurs was very long so I left them to it
 the main entrance
 I walked back round the side for a quick visit to...
 the Victoria and Albert museum - this is one of the courtyard gardens.  I didn't stay too long, but did wander through the fabulous jewellery and silver galleries. It was lunchtime by now, and I wasn't going to pay V&A prices so hopped on the tube to....
 the Tower - grabbed a sandwich, and had a look to see how the poppies are 'growing' - they've certainly spread along the side of the Tower moat facing the walk from Tower Hill tube station. No planting today, so I'm guessing they only have the volunteers doing that at the weekend.
 the weather wasn't as good as 10 days ago when I first saw them, but there were still big crowds!

I do love how every now and then, there are cascades down the Tower wall...
Sam asked me to take pictures of Tower Bridge and the river, so I obliged... black clouds adding a bit of drama, but luckily no rain!

 and after an American family asked me to take a photo of them, the father asked if I wanted him to take one of me, so I said yes please.

 Up on the bridge itself, full of traffic
 and another tube journey, to St Paul's Cathedral. shame the blue sky had largely gone now!
 Temple Bar, the oldest gateway into the City of London

Detail on the front facade of St Pauls

 and the clouds parted!  I walked round the side, to find the cut through to the "Wobbly Bridge (Millenium Bridge to give it it's proper name)

 giant metal balls for some good reflections/self portraits
 St Pauls from half way over the bridge
 shots of the City, complete with the obligatory London bus!
oops, those clouds look a bit more ominous - St Paul's from the other side of the bridge (thank goodness for the long lens!)
so with the clouds threatening, I decided to head for home, to several cups of restorative tea!


Gabrielle said...

Ooh! We were in London today! Imperial War Museum followed by Paperchase and guitar shops! We're going again tomorrow - Houses of Parliment is our goal!

sam21ski said...

Oooh what fantastic photos of all the buildings and the clouds!! Thanks for the London Bridge photos, had forgotten how spectacular it looks. Love the very bottom one of the bridge where you're looking down it with the bright blue railings/suspensions, looks fabulous.

So I wonder where to tomorrow then???

Sam xxx

Julie Lee said...

Love these pics! Natural History Museum is one of my favourite places. I meet a friend there every year for a wild life photography exhibition, which is brilliant. I love the architecture and you've captured it brilliantly. xxx

snazzyoriginal said...

Stunning photos bring back lots of memories from when I lived &worked in London. Many thanks. Can't wait to see where you and your camera are off to tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love the NHM, such a cool place to visit. Thanks for sharing the great photos, glad you had another enjoyable day.

Etsuko said...

These are all fabulous pics! It's feel my holiday in London xx

craftimamma said...

Wow Helen I admire your stamina covering all those places in one day! Wonderful photos once again and I especially love the Natural History Museum ones as I've never been and would really love to. Love the reflection one in the giant metal ball.

Lesley Xx

craftimamma said...

Oooh, I forgot to mention the gorgeous ones of the poppies! Absolutely fabulous!

Lesley Xx

VonnyK said...

I went back to England in 1996 and took my daughter, these photos bring back great memories. I love the museum such a beautiful building. Only trouble was the cold, I just couldn't stay over there for long, it felt like it was going through my bones. Don't know how you guys manage.