Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two days in York

A few weeks ago, a few of my craft mates, Lin, Sam and Emma decided it would be nice to experience the York Christmas Market - Emma lives there and I had my honeymoon there (long time and a defunct marriage ago!) - Sam was visiting with her netball team for the Saturday but Emma very kindly offered Lin and I a bed for the night on Friday... so plans were hatched and trains booked..
Friday saw me getting up at 5 a.m.  wow is that early! - to catch the train to London to meet Lin for our journey north.
Emma picked us up from the station and after a restorative cup of tea and meeting her gorgeous dog, Misty, it was time to head back to town to see some of the sights... these photos are not in any order of what we saw when, and some are from Saturday - but you get the idea!

 York castle, up on the hill - Emma says in Spring the grass is a sea of daffodils, bet it looks amazing!
 Beautiful old churches everywhere you look...
ancient old buildings, crooked walls and stunning architecture.
 the Minster can be seen from various vantage points round the city..

Really need to fix my printer, this would be so fabulous as a journal background!
 old courtyards and interesting buildings...

 city gateways... we didn't walk round the city walls like I did on my honeymoon, but you can still get most of the way round by doing so.
the Minster again, just beautiful!

We did go inside, but decided the entrance fee was a bit steep - it was voluntary donations when I went before, but I did grab this one on my digital camera which I also had with me!

 More sights outside (with Emma, lol!)  It was so lovely to have our own tour guide with us, makes it so meaningful, knowing the history of the buildings!

one of the oldest buildings in the city, Emma says.

We got the bus back to Emma's and after a fabulous meal out at a carvery (our treat for Emma and her husband, for their wonderful hospitality) and a sound night's sleep and bacon butties for breakfast, it was time to go back for the Christmas market and meeting Sam... round two!

Lin, Sam, Emma - all wrapped up against the cold. Although, Saturday was nicer than Friday, less wind.
 As you can see, the market was heaving, so I don't have many of the stalls, you could barely move and I'm sure we didn't see lots of what was on offer..
 It was every woman for herself, lol! But we managed to stay together...
 Here they are again!


 another great background in the making!

 we also met up with Tracey, on the left, one of Sam's netball chums - who is as mad as Sam... sorry Sam! We had a great day together...
 and a glorious sunset, which my camera didn't really capture (I so need a digital one to cope with low light levels!)
but it was so pretty!

The trees through the market looked so lovely all lit up but again, my camera didn't like it! (check Sam's blog here 
All too soon it was time to head back to Emma's to pick up our cases and head for the station to come home - I finally got in just after 10 -  two wonderful days with great friends - thanks to Sam, Lin and most of all Emma (and John) for acting as tour guide and host.
Lin at York station (which is also a lovely building) waiting for the train...


Linda Jones said...

Fab photo's & you look like you had a wonderful time. I love York (shouldn't say that as I live in an old city myself), but, York Christmas Markets are wonderful. Think we shall do York next year. x

sam21ski said...

Fantastic photos Helen and such a great reminder of a fab couple of days.

The one of the arch in that courtyard where the indoor market was is just stunning, may have to borrow that one and the one of us all inc mad Tracey!!!

Thanks for a great day.

Sam xx

Lin said...

Brilliant blog post from our resident photographer lol..will be snaffling some of your piccies cos they're better than mine!! Seriously girls thanks for a brilliant couple of days and to our hostess Emma and not forgetting John..and Sam who brought with her a lovely PINK bag of goodies for each of us...had a brilliant time in a beautiful city with some mad crafty friends xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

Really enjoyed the pics, you sure do have the nack. It's like being there too as they work through the day. What a lovely record of a happy time. Love SAMs hat!!

Gabrielle said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Those photos are amazing! What stunning architecture (and stunning gals of course!)

massofhair said...

Wonderful memories of a fab weekend together. York is very picturesque:-)

Carol Q said...

fab photos Helen - aren't there some beautiful buildings in York?

craftimamma said...

Wonderful post with stunning pics Helen. What a smashing time you all had. Boy that market does look busy! Was thinking of doing that one next year but not sure I could stand the melee, lol! Definitely got to revisit York though as not been for about 5 years :-(.

Lesley Xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Oh Helen seeing your wonderful photos reminds me of my trip to York with hubby( he comes from just outside hull)
I do love all the shops and buildings. Your photos really capture the spirit. Xx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, I love those4 old buildings. I've got to visit York one of these days... I'm glad you all had such a wonderful weekend.

JoZart said...

Wonderful to see your photos and I really want to go again. I love York but I'll give it a miss whilst the market is on. PACKED OR WHAT!!!
No crafty shops on your trail? Make Your Mark is right in the middle of the city, Stampede too and through the gate you pictured is a super craft shop. Vikings Loom is great for beads sold by weight.
Next time eh? but I bet you still managed to come home with a crafty stash!
Jo x

Artyjen said...

Really must go back for a visit to York...thanks for the lovely photo's of the great buildings.
xoxo Sioux