Saturday, December 7, 2013

I've gone digital...

I have been thinking about upgrading to a digital SLR camera for a while and came across a good deal so today I went up to Oxford Street (3 weeks before Christmas, too!) and bought this ...

 Now I just have to understand the manual and get playing with it....
 I couldn't bear to go to London without a camera, but knew it wasn't sensible or necessary to carry my film SLR, so took my little digital one I use for my craft stuff.  This is Carnaby Street from one of the exits of Liberty...
 I had to go to Liberty after seeing the first part of a Channel 4 TV series about the store - I love it, though can't afford to shop there!
 Then I walked back along Oxford Street to look at Selfridges Christmas windows - this always used to be something we did with Mum and Dad as kids, it's been years since I went... don't you love those cute little trees (wouldn't they be useful to a crafter...)
 all the windows were decorated with festive greenery and sparkly lights..
 the windows all had different themes - love these penguins - and were promoting different merchandise available inside.
This cute train piled high with presents going round and round was a big hit with all the kids!
and the corner window - biscuits and cake!
I couldn't face going up to their Christmas shop on the 4th floor as by now my head was pounding so I came home... now to read the camera manual and see if I can make it work!


massofhair said...

Really enjoyed your blog post, thanks for sharing all the fab images from the Capital. Not often i get to see non
commercial pictures. Colours are wonderful.

Looking forward to seeing some images from your new EOS 600D :-)

sam21ski said...

Oooh lovely treat. Can't wait to see your photos using this new camera, they will be instant and we won't have to wait for the film processing, but I bet Boots will miss ya!!

Good luck with the manual, in my experience, you're better off just twiddling and playing!!

Have fun with it.

Sam xxx

Julie Bell said...

Ooh love the window pics you have taken they are amazing x