Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not quite such a sunny day at Kew...

The trees are still quite green, at Kew. Some of them are on the turn, so will be going back soon!

the willow sculptures are looking good still!
Pumpkin soup anyone?!
All summer Kew have been featuring edible plants, and growing beds of squash and pumpkins along the Broad they have harvested a bed..
and in the Waterlily house they have an amazing display... I got a bit carried away, so if vegetable displays aren't your thing, you'd better skip to the end!
I waited ages to try and capture this without people, going and coming back, in the end the blooming sun (not that there had been much to start with, had gone completely!) I had to settle for this shot.

 inside, instead of waterlilies, this pumpkin tower!

they've been running pumpkin carving demos or lessons too (I wasn't there at the right time to see what they did)

ok so this is the last one! I think the school party were quite surprised to see me down at ground level taking this one...
But it wasn't all pumpkin!  These are the sunflowers outside the closed-for-restoration Temperate House. Good job I had my long lens with me!
It looks strange without the plants inside, but structurally beautiful. You can see how cloudy it was, I really thought it was going to pour with rain at this point!

as you see, some of the trees are starting to turn.

Thanks for all your comments about London yesterday, hope you like these too!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos! I did not know there were so many varieties of pumpkins/squash (squashes??), the colours are gorgeous. I'm glad the rain held off for you.

Lin said...

Wow Helen fantastic set of piccies!!! looks like you had another great day!!

Leandra Franich said...

Well u know how much we love pumpkin soup!!! The edible and the paint version! Would live to go and look !!

Kyla said...

I love Kew never been in the Autumn though....after seeing these I think I need to rectify this!

craftimamma said...

I've never been to Kew at all but your photos tempt me every time Helen. Aren't the colours of those veggies simply gorgeous! Love those willow sculptures too!

Lesley Xx

sam21ski said...

Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos once again.

I'd got no idea that there were soooo many different varieties and colours of pumpkins, I just thought you could only get the traditional orange ones we see in the supermarkets so thanks so much for showing all the different ones.

Can't wait until you go back and capture the autumnal colours on those gorgeous trees.

Sam xxx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Oh my - loads more pumpkins than there were a few weeks ago when we were there!!!