Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Crisp sunny day at Kew!

Yesterday morning, after my brother, sister-in-law and I had organised the flowers for Mum's funeral on Friday I took myself off to Kew Gardens again. 

The day was sunny but crisp - in fact a perfect October Autumn day.  I arrived at the sort of time I normally leave - 11am - but because of that, though it was busier with people, it was more beautiful - especially yesterday - the sun was higher in the sky (blue sky!) and it was GLORIOUS.  I went through 2 and a half rolls of 36 exposure films (I may go digital some time, honest!) 

The trees are turning gorgeous colours, but with the sun shining bright through the leaves, they looked fabulous - the greens really zinged!!   Here are some of my favourites.

this is one of my absolute favourites for months - the sun was right overhead the end of the Palm House entrance and I love the way it is shining through, throwing the building almost into silhouette.

Hope I get to go again soon to get the colous at their peak, but we'll see!

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Lesley Edmonds said...

I missed these. Beautiful photos. The only thing I like about this time of the year are the colours...haha!