Sunday, October 2, 2011

1st Oct - HOT HOT HOT at Kew

Wow, yesterday continued HOT and very un-October like! I decided to take a couple of hours at Kew before visiting Mum in the hospital again. 

Turns out the trains were only on half the normal service (engineering works!) but still.... glorious - TOO hot for me in fact, I don't like it!!  But I wanted to see the start of the autumn colour as Kew have been tweeting about the changing colours, so off I went.

 Love the light at this time of year - these were all taken between 9.30 and 11 in the morning when I left. Dappled sunlight, dew on the grass, and then bright bright sunshine!
The trees are only just turning, but some of them were beautiful.

Looking lush inside the Palm House, too!
What a blue sky!
Missed the best of Kew's sunflowes - must ask my neighbour if I can photograph his - there are some stunners downstairs!

And it was bright enough to take these from outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse.

Hope to get back again soon, when the leaves will probably be better!


Gillian .... said...

Beautiful pics Helen x

Lesley said...

Great pics Helen. Glad you could take some time out for yourself. :)