Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kew - two trips one post!

Hi, hope you are well.
I had one last Christmas present to buy and yesterday took myself off to Kew to do so - with my camera, naturally!

I realised also that I haven't shared the pictures of the last time I went in the middle of November - so there are some from that time, too - the last of the autumn colour. Yesterday was pretty cold and frosty and the sky which started out blue - turned to rain.... so there aren't many from yesterday (I was just keen to finish the film..)

The treetop walkway is rusting beautifully and I love the shapes.
view from the top. It was sunny in November!
Back on the ground - looking up into the trees.

Yesterday - the frost was still on the ground (and it was slippy walking!) Love these dogwoods.
View across the lake in front of the Palm House - "my" fountain..  it even  looks cold!
This was a similar view a month ago, with the lovely rusty reds and browns.

Not sure when I'll get back to Kew - obviously not before Christmas - possibly the 31st if the weather and the trains allow!

Happy Christmas!

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