Sunday, July 22, 2018


I've just got back from a weekend at Emma's in York, where Lin and I stayed.    We spent Friday afternoon after we got there chilling with Emma and Lesley who came for the afternoon/evening and then the 3 of us went into town on Saturday to do some sightseeing.   It's been too long since we all got together so it was lovely to have a good chat.
we went out for a meal with Lesley on Friday and this was the beautiful sunset as we came out of the restaurant
 we headed for the Minster first and spent some time walking round the outside - such a beautiful building

We were all glad that the intense heat of the last few weeks had abated for the day and it was slightly overcast, so walking was bearable.

outside the Minster is a fabulous sculpture showing the layout of the building and its surroundings

 shame about the scaffolding, but as with all old buildings that are centuries old, they take a lot of upkeep
 war memorial

 this is a National Trust building (wasn't open yet) - when we walked round the city walls later we could see they were setting up for a wedding - what a beautiful setting)

 York is a beautiful ancient city with hundreds of gorgeous old buildings.
 In a few weeks the York Stone yard is having an open day,  Love that they are right on sight
underneath the Minster (don't call it a Cathedral!!)
 working on the stones for replacements

such a fabulous skill - we were marvelling at how it's been done by hand like this for all those years...

 as we got back to the front again, we headed inside (a friend from work at leant me her two tickets she'd got when she visited a few weeks ago, and they are valid for a whole year, so we bought a 3rd ticket for Emma and in we went.  )

the last time I went round the Minster was in 1989 on my honeymoon, so it's been a while!

 you are allowed to take photographs, unlike in some churches and cathedrals so I made the most of it.

York is renowned for its beautiful stained glass.

 the ceiling is stunning too.

I think the skill of the builders and masons when this was constructed, without modern tools is just staggering.

 the famous Rose window, that in 1984 was so badly damaged by fire, when my ex and I visited 5 years later they were still restoring it

 tombs and carvings of former Archbishops

 down in the crypt (this wasn't open for visiting on my previous trip)

when you think how many hands have touched these bits of wall...
 stunning mosaics

it was took dark down there to take many pictures

 intricate carvings

 the organ.   this is the best one I got, the others are a bit blurry and scaffolding-y!!

 the rose window closer

 another old - very old - 1215 or so - archibishop

 down some more stairs in another bit
this is a book commemorating the soldiers who died from York in WWI

 the lecturn on one of the pulpits

Once back outside we headed for the city walls
as most of them are still largely intact so you can walk round them

Much like London (and many other old cities) they used gates to keep people in - or out - in ancient times

 following Lin (black tshirt) and Emma (backpack) up the fabulous old streets
 pausing to photograph here and there...
 the Minster behind us
 we stopped for a coffee

 before getting to the gate and climbing to the wall
 single file... it was busy with tourists, so every now and then there was a bottle neck whilst a group passed....

still grey, but no rain

 the views of the Minster were fabulous...

 the lawn bottom right is the back of the building I pointed out as the wedding venue

 gotta love a bit of stone wall

 when we got to the next set of steps, we went down and past the art gallery, (no time to pop in)
 past more of the city wall - not able to walk along this bit obviously!

 past the church where Emma's son was Christened...

 into the Museum grounds...
 ruined walls....
 made the girls pose

 we came across a display of falconry and owls... oh my so cute...

 fluff ball!!

 ruffled his feathers on cue...

 so beautiful!!

 we walked across the bridge over the river Ouse...fortunately not in flood today (hardly surprising, given how little rain we've had)
fabulous lamp posts

 back up on the wall again..

 past another war memorial..

 the Minster still dominating the views..

Emma says there used to be a plaque on the floor near here saying this is the best spot to take a view of York although we couldn't see it - but the view was fabulous!

 as we got to Micklegate where we were heading down again, I saw a lookout standing on the parapet - stone, obviously!
 Mickelgate, entrance to the city. One of the most famous gateways

 can't remember if it was just before or after that we stopped for lunch.

Love the old Barclays bank building..

we were heading for the Castle that sits on top of a hill for good lookout opportunities - as Emma had heard of a Shakespeare pop up Globe theatre putting on performances

 we didn't climb the steps (and you are forbidden from climbing the slope)
 the Globe pop up

 they had some fabulous tshirts on sale, should have got a picture!

 the Court building
 old churches

 my wardrobe rail is bowing like this building!

 the Shambles, tiny street  - used for Diagon Ally in the Harry Potter films..
there are a few shops that are trading on the connection, drawing huge crowds!!

 opposite the bus stop back to Emma's
the smaller of the rivers in York, the Fosse.

 and that's the weekend in York - photo heavy so hope you're still with me!

Thanks for great company, and the hospitality Emma.  see you all soon I hope.


craftimamma said...

Fabulous post Helen of a lovely weekend by the looks. I do wish I had been up for all that walking, lol! Some wonderful views you got from the walls and lots of places down on the ground that I recognise. Absolutely love the buildings down The Shambles and the gorgeous pics of the Minster, my favourites being the stunning stained glass windows.

Hope it's not too long before we manage to meet up again. I haven't forgotten about Chatsworth ;-)

Lesley Xx

Sally H said...

Brilliant photos Helen! It looks like you had a lovely time! Itis a few years since we last went to york, but the shambles, Yorvik and the minster were all wonderful. Sorry I haven't been around much. $ days to go till my holiday starts - can't wait!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh WOW, Helen. I am truly impressed. You three must have done a LOT of walking. I got a bit confused with the up and down, then down and up. Still, these were incredible and most impressive photos. I believe Chris has been here, too.

The stained glass, the bishops, the walls, and later the city all added up to a fabulous photo array. Yes, I was with you till the end, and it was incredibly impressive. I loved it. I'm so glad you took us with you. I just know you are much more tired than I am from the comfort of my air conditioned office.

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

Wow looks wonderful!!! I haven’t been to York since I was 14. But it was a memorable trip and I thought the city was gorgeous. The minster blew me away. Loved all the wslking you did - and beautiful photos!! Leandra x

Diana Taylor said...

What a wonderful lot of photos - you brought back some happy memories, it's a place I love but have only visited a couple of times over the years. Looks like you had a lovely time,
Diana x

pearshapedcrafting said...

York certainly is such a fabulous city and the views from the walls are certainly worth the climbs! Glad you had such good time! We intend going back some time! Hugs, Chrisx