Saturday, July 7, 2018

a quick trip to Kew

I was intending to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show today, but England are playing in the World Cup quarter finals today so I changed my plans and am going tomorrow (will miss the Grand Prix, but will listen to that on the radio)   

So I decided to make a quick dash to Kew... plans nearly scuppered on the way home as there were delays (too hot for the trains too I guess..) but as you can see, I am home in time for kick off... watching the tennis whilst I wait for 3pm ...

anyway, walking across Kew Bridge from the station just after 7.30.. the sky was full of plane trails

and then it was my usual starting point..

 and it was lovely to see "my" fountain on again.  although it was off by the time I left

(they've been doing some work to the water features)
 the crocosmia were looking fabulous in the bed in front

 then I went down the Broad Walk...

early watering had been done

 soft greys
 and pinky purples..
 beautiful echinachea (coneflowers)

the beds are looking glorious

 the workmen were putting the finishing touches to the staging for Kew the Music which starts next week, the annual series of music concerts..

 allium heads glistening in the early sun

 walking round the other side of the Broad Walk..

cool damp dew-y grass tickling my toes

 there were so many bees and other insects

some of which posed nicely

 wildflowers up the path to the Hive

 the overgrown path again
one of the seats part way up

selfie from the phone

 spray outside the POW in the sun

 still some poppies amongst the seed heads


 can never remember what this is... but it drifts beautifully!


 masses of bullrushes in the water outside the alpine house (shut still, too early)

 bees swarming over the echinops
 stunning hemerocallis (day lilies)

 walked along the top path of the rock garden on my way to coffee and cake (healthy breakfast!!)
past the back of the pond.. fountain still on at this point

 pushed past the gunnera to get a closer view...

 after a swift coffee break (same cake as last week, would have had the chocolate and cherry but I think it might have melted...)
 9.30 now, so not long to wait... took a detour round the Temperate House
 walked through the shady bit under the Treetop Walkway, too hot to climb it today

 10 o'clock and the doors open... agapanthus

 saw a couple of ladies looking at this tree... massive fruit - labelled Imperial Lemon, citrus limon.    a hybrid of lemon and lime I think..


 stopped to re-apply sun cream and headed for the exit - it was already in the high twenties and too hot - well I could have stayed but wanted to be home in time for the football, and needed to conserve my heat-tolerance for tomorrow!

 two huge tubs of these outside a little building.. no idea what they are
 walked briefly through the rose garden, mostly going over now... but these creamy beauties were gorgeous

 past the Palm House beds..

 fountain off..
 back of a bed down the Broad Walk; love the yellow and white combination

and on my way out..

tomorrow is Hampton Court flower show... heat depending, post will probably be late after I recover!

Thanks for looking

just finished in time for kick off



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Fun to follow you around as usual, Helen. I hope you share the music concerts with us (photos at least).

How I LOVE your photos with bees. They always make my day to see the bees thriving at Kew.

ALWAYS love the poppies and I used to own phlox where I lived before.

Glad you made it home in time to see the FIFA games. I really look forward to the flower show, but I realize it will be difficult to stay long in this heat. I certainly hope you have AC at home.

craftimamma said...

I don't know how you managed to walk round and take so many stunning photos Helen. The heat today would have rendered me incapable but you pulled off another lovely visit for us to enjoy without having to risk a bad case of heatstroke.

Lesley Xx

Virginia said...

Oh thank you for the walk around, the flowers still look amazing despite the extremely dry weather we've been enjoying recently!