Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring is springing...

I refuse to believe the forecast for next Easter weekend (more snow possibly) and headed off to Kew - rejoicing in the knowledge that there were no train works so I could go the direct, normal 2 trains route... despite the grey clouds and threat of rain (which didn't materialise)

 I made the early connection at Clapham Junction so had time to walk round to the Victoria Gate entrance and my starting point at the Palm House..
 where, despite the dullness of the morning, there were reflections a-plenty in the pond
 although the fountain was turned off. 
 and there were daffodils everywhere it seemed
I started to walk down the Broad Walk to see what was growing... the pathway was just about dry enough to kneel down to get a low shot of the pink hellebore

 the acid green of the euphorbia was another bright pop of colour along the way
 I walked round to the Hive but couldn't get any closer as it was closed for maintenance work, to the path up the side of it by the looks of things... shame, but maybe next time...
 It was chilly, so I went into the Princess of Wales glasshouse to warm up!

this is one of the huge rhododendrons that was amongst the orchids a few weeks ago...
don't think this was flowering last time (or maybe I just didn't notice)

 in the main tropic zone although the major orchid displays have been removed at the end of the annual festival the arches were still in place with the remaining blooms, freshly watered before opening time...

 it was more or less empty so I took advantage!
 walking through the various zones, my eye was caught by this massive tree fern

this hairy stemmed specimen caught my eye too, as the fern fronds are ready to uncurl...

 back outside, love the bold blue-purple of the scilla
 and the grape hyacinth
 the feet of the pergola along the students order beds are grouped with daffodils

raindrops on the leaves of this paler euphorbia

 I spent ages waiting for the swan to keep his (her) head above water for the photograph... then it swum off!!

 this is one of my favourite Springtime views in all of Kew.  peeking through the prunus, flowering cherry,  at the Palm House.

Short-lived but a beautiful pink - hopefully I will get to see it at it's best in a week or so...

 but I grabbed a load of photos today, just in case not!

 I headed for elevenses - a coffee and slice of cake (red velvet cake today)

 then headed down the path past the camellias

towards the gallery where Life in Death had been - the Shirley Sherwood gallery, to give it's name...
 which was having a birthday it seems!
currently closed whilst the next exhibition is installed!

wonder what it will be...

I cut across the very soggy grass, past lichen-encrusted branches...

 past the work still ongoing at the Temperate House (re-opening on 5 May...)

 more flowering cherry...

 .. to the Treetop walkway... open today - and, the lift was working for the first time in ages (but I climbed the steps!)

 where I got a glimpse of the "back" of the Temperate House works

 back on the ground, off to the lake....
 although the light was poorer so not many reflections 


as I reached the end of the lake, I was surprised to see that the Henry Moore statue had been moved/removed.....

I did ask at the gate on the way out, but the girl I spoke to wasn't a full time employee so wasn't able to tell me why...

will have to try and find out though!

 the Palm House in the background behind the daffodils..

 and the vibrant yellow of these gorgeous forsythia shrubs
 the magnolia will be in full bloom soon - had wanted to stop by this part today to gauge their progress!
lots of buds

the white seem more advanced than the pink

 and close by, more huge drifts of daffodils

 and the brief-lived display of the ....
Glory of the Snow... gorgeous blue!

 magpie trying to hide in a pine tree
 these gorgeous bright yellow-orange daffodils to finish..

I do hope to be able to go next week (Easter weekend, would be sad with 2 extra days not to be able to make it... the trains have other ideas though so I will have to be creative!!)

Thanks for looking.


Sarah Dunkley said...

Such fabulous photos as always! Kew always has something new going on. Great post Helen.😊

Christine said...

Oh! Kew is looking great. Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had hoped to get here before Earth Hour, but I got caught up in a project I am working on. Once again, I am so impressed with your photos. I see the urns by the Palm House are still nude.

Too bad about the Hive, but at least it wasn't the Hive, but a path, that was down for maintenance.

I so enjoyed seeing all the beautiful orchids and flowers still on the arches in the Princess of Wales building. I was very impressed by the huge fern, too.

Goodness, you found a TON of daffodils today. Seems they were not only plentiful, but everywhere you looked.

I really enjoyed the view of the back of the Temperate House and the view of the entire Treetop Walkway. I think this is the first time I have seen it all, even though I've seen parts of it on occasion.

The flowering cherry is beautiful. I was really impressed by all the close-ups and the longer views.

I was so very impressed with all the photos today. Thank you for taking me with you.

Neet said...

Hope you get another visit this weekend. Hope the snow forecast changes quickly to anything but snow.
What a lovely array of photos Helen, It would be hard to pick one out for mention as I kept hanging as I scrolled down the pages. You certainly capture Kew when you go. Thanks so much for sharing - I had no idea so many flowers would be out at this time of year. Love the carpet of daffs (love daffs) and this morning as I drive up the road I hope they are all out, brightens the day for me.
Hugs, Neet xx

craftimamma said...

I will try once more to leave a comment.....third time! I thought it was just my phone that needed me to log in to blogger but it's doing the same on laptop so maybe its a blogger problem. It refused my last try so this is make or break, lol!

Fabulous photos with your new lens Helen and my favourites today are the camelia just because they remind me of my Mum who had a lovely one in her garden of which I was always envious. Well done for braving the rain as it certainly didn't spoil your pics.

Lesley Xx