Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bucket List - tick! Kew in the snow

Most of the UK has been gripped in snow this week.  Whilst where I am hasn't had too much, there was enough (plenty for me on a day to day basis!)

But, I was thrilled to be able to get to Kew today before the snow disappears - it is thawing quite rapidly "down south" - I have wanted to be able to visit Kew in the snow for I don't know how long!  So it really is, a bucket list item ticked off.   I took over 200 photos and it's going to be hard to leave some out! 

 If I am honest, I would have liked a little MORE snow left but that would have stopped me getting there (UK trains take the first opportunity to stop running in "adverse conditions")

This is walking past Kew Green on my way round to the Victoria Gate entrance (I was early so had time to go the long way round)
By the time I left a bit over 3 hours later, this was all green!
 I peered through a gate (not one that they use) as I passed... although didn't quite notice the camera focussing on the gate, not the view inside... but enough to keep me excited!
 I was first in line (although soon joined by many others) to peer through the main gates

 until finally at 10 they opened the gates and let me in...

Headed for the Palm House view first...

and the pond, where there were huge frozen areas, just the middle bit free from ice

 but it was beautiful!

 some sure-footed geese had been before me...
(these aren't my foot prints)

I decided to head in the other direction where it was more likely to be snowier, if that is a proper word!
 but some of these are mine, trying not to trample on the crocus

 poor little crocuses, peeping out from the snow clumps...

 it was quiet and peaceful (everyone else seemed to have gone in different directions)

 I cut across the snowy grass to the gallery

 the display ends next weekend and I don't think I'll be able to get there, so had to have another look

 I had the place to myself this time, it was completely empty

 back outside the steps still covered in snow and tyre tracks on the path..

strange little snow bombs in the grass

 some areas still had quite a lot of snow (but still not as much as I'd have liked to walk through - although, being in wellies, my feet were quite cold enough as it was)

 I stopped to look at this tree trunk before heading for the Treetop Walkway...
I would have loved to have seen Kew from high up all snowy - but it wasn't to be, it was shut - presumably deemed too slippery on the steps (they are metal, so probably with the residue of snow and ice deemed too dangerous) 

oh well, I'll head to the lake then... that will be pretty.

 ...and frozen! 
the ducks were walking on the ice...

 there were lots of ducks

but it was magical!

there were a few more people here, enjoying the birds

 love how these chunks of ice have broken up - like mini icebergs - when I shared a phone image of this one on Facebook,  Julie Ann said it looked like somewhere out of Alaska

 I managed some decent close-ish-ups!

 these two gulls were squawking and fighting and then flew off...
 two swans on the bank next to me

 time for a paddle..
 I headed on round the edge of the lake

to the Henry Moore

 a family with 3 children nearby were rolling snowballs to presumably make a snowman, they were having fun too!

 on of the majestic "heritage" trees - the oldest trees in the gardens...
 photographed this for you to read about it!
heading to the Palm House now for a bit of warmth (although it was already much warmer - ha ha figuratively, about 5 degrees (celsius) since I arrived) 
 love the pockets of snow around the rose beds
inside I had a great fight with the lens and the humidity

this is zingiber spectabile and one I did manage to photograph in the mist!!


 outside again, this sign did make me laugh today - I normally crop it out of my photos, but it made me chuckle

 the path round in front of the Palm House that had been really slushy when I arrived, was now dry! 

 strange clump of frozen petals from something or other, in the pond
 went round to see the fountain

had actually headed off towards the POW and to see the orchids, when I looked back, and realised something I hadn't noticed...
so dashed back again...

 the statue was covered in snow....

and I see, when I downloaded the photos, Icicles!! 
I love it even more now!

ok, could now re-trace my steps...



 snowdrops, in the snow where they should be, lol!
 once in the rock garden, I did a double take...
 wow, spectacular!  it really has been cold this week!  whilst the water itself is still moving, I love that the splashes at the edge have frozen into huge icicles

 this waterfall is bigger, so less freezing going  on

 whilst I was taking this one of the grass garden, I noticed a girl standing on a rock in the rock garden so crossed back to have a look...
 whee there were some more strange ice formations!
 nipped into the POW for the orchids - they also finish next week.  Now that it was gone mid-day it was quite busy so I didn't stop long as there were too many people in the way!

 back outside (no, really?!) clumps of daffodils in the snow
 walked down the Broad Walk

 view of the Hive with the snowy bank in front..

 had a look at the crocus on this bank I fell over on last time... was more careful today

but the Hive itself was also shut - again, too slippery I expect as the platform is glass, so it would have been lethal if icy

 walking across the grass to the Queen's Garden (by Kew Palace) I noticed this strange blue "stuff" in an icy puddle.... no idea... nice colour though!

 the back of Kew Palace
 a row of snowy daffodils underplanting some trees...

 another frozen lake
 heading for the exit now,
 magnolia by the entrance, buds coming along...
the River Thames from Kew Bridge, now devoid of snow and I was feeling a bit over-dressed in my wellies.

wow, thank you if you have managed to stay the course to enjoy these photos with me - I really really enjoyed it today!! 


Angela Curror said...

Fabulous Helen! So glad you made it for some snow!

BJ said...

WOW, super photos, love the statue too and the frozen waterfall.

Kirsten said...

I'm so pleased you got there!! Stunning photos, too many to pick favourites. Hope you've warmed up by now.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

So pleased you managed to visit. Fantastic photos . ❤️❤️ Tracy x x

Sarah Dunkley said...

Fab photos Helen. Kew is stunning in the snow! 😊

craftimamma said...

I'm pleased you made it too Helen and fabulous photos to show for it too. So many favourites today but I think my top three (make that four) and the icicle covered fountain statue, the beautiful ice sculpted waterfall, the pretty pink helebore and the gorgeous pic from the installation....the red much colour still there after all this time.

Hope your feet thawed out quickly once you got home.

Lesley Xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh how wonderful, Helen, i'm not surprised it was on your bucket list! By the time i got to Mum's yesterday the snow had gone but it has been incredible in Hampshire. Mum loved seeing the garden in the snow,

Lucy x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've seen photos of London when it was nearly impossible to get around last week. So glad you were safe and glad Monica let everyone go home early one day.

I love your snow photos. Who knew this was a bucket list entry. It is such a usually ordinary occurrence for me to have up to 6 inches of snow fall at a time. Until I saw all the photos from London, I didn't realize what a rare occurrence it is.

I hope all the flowers that are blooming, including those around the Palm House, don't freeze and die. I think the Snowdrops should make it, though!

I saw lots of photos with ice on them, but none like the ones on "your" fountain. You should send those in to someone for printing in the newspaper. I also think those photos of the water in the rock garden are publishable.

I also laughed at the no diving or swimming. I saw some fools trying it in the photos I saw. I think they were in Scotland, though (grin).

I enjoyed the trip to Kew Palace, somewhere you don't often take us. And of course, I am THRILLED you shared your Kew in the Snow experience with us, too.

Kyla said...

So pleased you got there and some amazing photos (love the skating ducks).


Neet said...

So much to see, no wonder you were excited. I love the starkness of the trees against the snow and the ducks on the frozen pond are so darned cute.
Cannot remember what else I was going to comment on - oh, yellow flowering bush on the Board Walk? What are they/is it? Gorgeous.
Right, going back for another look.
Hugs, Neet xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Helen! I'm so glad you got there in the snow - these are beautiful photos! Hugs, Chrisx