Saturday, June 3, 2017

June already - and back to Kew

Not long home from another members early opening trip at Kew.. who needs a lie in when Kew is calling...?
I'm quite enjoying always taking this photo from this angle first to see how it's changing. these first few beds of alliums are now nearly finished
 I was delighted to see "my" fountain back on, and a strong spray.. there'll be lots of these today!

 loads of geese out in the 8am early morning too
 down the Broad Walk, loads of colour now, it is truly glorious now

still lots of purple, but lots of other colours now too,

 the beds really are full

 some of the allium varieties here still looking striking, I can't help but capture them every time

 off to the Hive in the peace and quiet..  the wildflower meadow is really beautiful

 put the wide wide angle on for a different point of view
 and of the wildflowers

 lay down on the glass this time, as it was dry

the wide angle captures everything.. knees included!
 but I love the perspective it gives the daisies

 something Elizabeth mentioned in her comment last week made me think she didn't realise exactly how the Hive is built.. as you can see, it's on legs, so down below under the thick glass platform (that I laid on just now) you can see right up through (not that I did that today)
 the beautiful garden outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse is at it's best right now, just love the crowds of Californian poppies..
 but I could see red poppies too, so ran round the back.....
 what a delight!  red poppies, blue Nigella (love in a mist) and the golden orange Californian Poppies too... I may have got a bit carried away!

 just stunning!  I love too, that the climate is mild enough for cactus to grow outside (not that I really like cacti personally!)

 round to the Order beds now (I wanted more poppies!)
the roses on the pergola all along the walk are really developing, even since last week
 more Nigella (it's a member of the buttercup (Ranunculus) family by the way...)
  gorgeous fluffy clematis (I think)
 just look at the roses
 ok, so here are "some" poppies... just gorgeous in the sunlight..

 headed back towards the cafe and breakfast..

 some great clouds today (no rain though)

 and plane trails... the planes seemed really low overhead on their regular flightpath to Heathrow.. they looked bigger than ever today.
 I was now heading for the rhododendren glade, as they were signposted as being at their peak, but the foxgloves seemed better to me

 but the rhodies were good too!

walked through the bamboo garden too for a change
 more foxgloves!

 these were my height (about 5'6)

 the lake at the Sackler crossing glistening in the sun... walked along the lake a while, then headed for the Treetop walkway

 climbed up this time, as the sky was clear (well wispy cloud, but still clear)  and you could see for miles
 they've cut the top off this huge tree .. not sure why, disease, maybe, but I loved how the bark was shining

 more plane trails (the planes are continual overhead!)

I sat and watched for a while
 I think this is from the sage family..
 the rose garden is looking beautiful now, so many more have come into flower this week

 sat on the grass and rested a while....
 inside the Waterlily House

 outside the Palm House, the allium beds this end have been cleared ready for the next planting scheme... wonder what's coming!
 but there are still some left!

 back round the pond again. there was quite a stiff breeze and the water was reaching me, it was lovely and refreshing me...
 the young geese are growing fast too
 the wind was making the spray go miles!

 back down the Broad Walk, stopped to sit and look at the geum for a while,,

 was about to leave at this point, but

 this is a newly planted bed, just coming into glorious colour in the last couple of visits...

 walking out of that garden passing the outside waterlilies, these iris were gorgeous

 final walk through the rose covered pergola,

before heading home... what a fantastic visit today was... hope you're still with me, that was a mammoth session!


craftimamma said...

Glorious photos this week Helenow. I especially love the second batch of poppy photos and the spray from the fountain. Those purple allium are so stately looking yoohoo.

Lesley Xx

Miriam said...

Wow...what a treat. Stunning photos Helen. I love the poppies and the roses. It looks like you had a great day at Kew.

craftimamma said...

Where the heck did yoohoo come from at the end of my other comment, lol,

Lesley Xx

Little Arty Journeys said...

Oh my goodness - what a lot of lovely colours! Fabulous photos.

Hazel Agnew said...

Stunning photos Helen. Looks amazing. A great share! Xx

sam21ski said...

Looks like you had a good day for it. Loving those poppies xx

nanskidrewski said...

So many beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Magnificent! Happy weekend 😊

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love seeing the difference a couple of weeks make from the angle of your first photo. I still see some lavender, though. Everything has gotten so beautiful and in full bloom. Still love that you have picked lavender as your go to color to photograph.

What a unique and different view of the Hive. LOVED the wildflowers that grow near it and appreciated the overall view, which made it more understandable to me. Thanks for that.

Really enjoyed the poppies and they looked right at home with the cacti that grows so well in CA.

Goodness, those roses were incredible. And to think they have just started blooming. They look so lovely on that brick and wood trellis. The one photo shows they have lots of old growth that is strong, too.

I had never seen Foxgloves until saw them at Chrissie's blog yesterday. I don't think they grow here, since I've never seen them.

I simply adored your walk in the trees. Such an impressive view. I wonder if that tree had been damaged. It didn't look cut, but rather torn off to me.

If you want bamboo, please come to my back yard!!! I have more than you will ever want to see. I can't get rid of it. Loved your walk around the the area and spied the Alpine House, too. It's architecture is so distinct I can't help but notice it.

LOVED seeing Kew through your eyes again. Also was glad "your" fountain was back on.

Kirsten said...

Good grief, those poppies!!!! A stunning collection of photos, Helen, thank you so much.