Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cor, what a scorcher! Kew, of course!

A restless night's sleep, it was really hot overnight.  An early start for Kew, laden with water, suncream and a hat... trains were all delayed so didn't get there till 8.30 (horror!)  The forecast was low twenties for the morning, but it already felt quite warm

starting point as usual, the Palm House Parterre, where the alliums are gradually being removed and replaced with summer bedding

 I still love the "spent" allium heads though..
 the sun was glistening on the fountain despite the early hour
and the sprinklers were drenching the beds alongside, too.  Was about to take another close up when a Kew student came along and turned it off!
 I walked right round the pond..
 stopped for a blueberry muffin for breakfast, then
 headed down the Broad Walk - things have shot up since my last visit
 these for instance
 love the soft blue of the scabious

 drifts of achillea

 sunflowers (had to wait my turn to capture these!)

the other side, the alstromeria are gorgeous

 at the end of the Broad Walk, cut across the grass to the Hive,
 past the Princess of Wales
 the wildflower meadow is just stunning this year, it has really developed in it's second summer

the daisies are beautiful (got carried away with these!)

 the glass floor of the Hive was being cleaned, and there was also a girl in there doing some yoga exercises to the sound of the bees... didn't feel I could take a photo!
 so I headed to the Family Beds and my beloved poppies... got carried away again here..
the same man who was photographing the sunflowers was there too, doing the same as me
 down low on the grass, just love the bird's eye (or should that be worm's eye?) view..

love the pale yellow ones, so pretty

 glinting, backlit in the sun....

 the rose pergola was glorious, the scent was amazing

 the poppy bed from a distance..

 masses of lupins

 another crouching shot (although these teasels are really tall) - love the sillhouette effect making them look almost black
 back to the POW, now it was ten so open,

so I went in (hardly noticed the difference in temperature inside today, it was so hot outside)

noticed some bright orange berries, think this is the jade vine plant, but not sure they would have berries!
 went up to the next level, glimpse of the waterlily pads
 back past the Palm House again, had another sit on a shady bench for a while...

 round the back again, the giant gunnera is huge and was now in full sun
 glimpse of the Palm House summer bedding

 round the back to the rose garden... some stunners!
 the back of the Palm House
 into the Waterlily House, doors kept open today (normally shut to keep the heat in, no need today!)
 lotus flower in full bloom

 too hot to stay any longer, I cut across the grass to the Broad Walk and made my way home..

just couldn't resist another peek at the sunflowers

and achillea.

Trains were delayed on the way home too, but what a beautiful (too hot) day!


sam21ski said...

When we went shopping at 8.45 am (ish) it was already 22 here! Bet you just wanted to jump in that pond and stand under that fountain! Nice to see lots of colours out now xx

craftimamma said...

I know just what Sam means about the fountain! Oh yes please!!!

Gorgeous photos and you have my admiration for tramping round in today's heat. I have done nothing except spend an hour or so on the laptop and even that was too much.

My favourites today are the pretty daisies because they are such cheerful little flowers and always make me smile. I loved the different coloured poppies too, absolutely stunning.

Thanks for the trip again Helen.

Lesley Xx

Lin said...

wow Helen your piccies are gorgeous as many people would have loved to have jumped under the water to cool all the wild flowers and the sunflowers are gorgeous.....really don't know how you remeber all the names lol xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The Broad Walk loks so lush and full. Lots of colors and greenery, too. Somehow I'm not fond of the cone shaped bushes, though. The artificial shape looks out of place with the natural beauty everywhere else. If the cones were in a formal garden, they would be beautiful.

I know what you mean about taking a photo at the Hive. I would have felt uncomfortable, too. She may have felt uncomfortable, also.

Your poppies are fabulous and the colors are so unusual, especially the ones that appear to be variegated. Speaking of unusual, those sunflowers don't look anything like the ones I'm used to. If you hadn't told me they were sunflowers, I would not have known. And my state flower is the sunflower.

The teasels are awesome, especially in silhouette. The waterlilies are incredible and I see some are blooming, too. And I can't believe how much the gunnera has grown in about a month's time. That's amazing.

I SO love it when you visit Kew. It's always fun for me, especially since I'm sitting here in air conditioned comfort at 1:00 am my time. Thanks for sharing these beauties and showing us around.

Carmen Wing said...

Gorgeous photos Helen. I particularly love the alliums (I wondered what they were, a neighbour has some, I may try and get some) and teasels. I seem to love flowers when they get skeletal. The poppies are gorgeous too so many colours!

what I wouldn't give to stand under all that water spray right now!

nanskidrewski said...

Beautiful photos. I love to see how Kew is changing week to week. Thank you for sharing. Stay cool. Nan

pearshapedcrafting said...

Beautiful!! Love the scabious but must say those poppies are my favourites! Chrisx

Kirsten said...

Well done on staying out in that heat for as long as you did, it was a scorcher. Stunning photos, so many different colours & textures. The poppies look gorgeous, especially with the blue sky behind them.