Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spring is Springing...

Despite a dull start, we were promised some, it is the last weekend of the Orchid Festival at Kew, so I headed for a final look.

 because I've shown you the whole displays in the last two trips, I concentrated on different viewpoints and closeups (really will go and buy that macro lens soon!) today.

the misty effect is a combination of a slightly misted up lens (yes, Elizabeth it's a soft scarf I'm using to wipe it) and the humidity in the air from the occasional misting/watering of the orchids in the glasshouse... I quite like it though..

 I'll miss these big pillars of orchids next time I go

another misty one!
 love these orchids suspended up high (taken from a higher viewing area)
 you don't always realise how big the glasshouse is...or the plants inside it!
 closer look at the "flag"

 this really deep purple one is still one of my favourites

 outside, swathes of crocus in bloom everywhere, and some sun too, the raindrops from overnight

 glorious deep hellebore
 the funghi still growing along the treetrunks edging the wooded area

 dancing ballerinas in the sunshine,

 and daffodils filling the bank too, in the sunshine

 love the texture on the side of this urn by the pond
 more swathes of crocus, stretching away into the distance, had to pick my way through them carefully to get some closeups...

 peaking through the Henry Moore statue... the patches of crocus in the distance

 from the statue, I walked towards the lake and some more colour (delicious scent too)

 where someone was looking for breakfast!
never seen the stork (I think it IS a stork?!) this end of the lake before.

decided not to spend the energy climbing the stairs up the walkway today, so headed back towards the Hive

 the outside of the Princess of Wales glasshouse,
 where daffodils are reflected in the water rills.
 it won't be long before these fluffy soft magnolia buds burst into flower - probably by the time I next go
which will be at least the week after next, as next Saturday is hair cut day!

I am also looking forward to May, when the members only early opening starts again... way too many people about today!!


Lin said...

Great piccies as always Helen some brilliant c!Use ups xx

Chris Cresswell said...

Gosh, so much to look at, so much to say. The colours in the orchids are wonderful but stars of the show are the crocuses. I love your photos through the Henry Moore sculptures. Another star is the reflection of the daffodils. No wonder you love this place so much Helen. It really is a little piece of paradise.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Beautiful photos, love the deep deep purple. Can't wait for spring. Tracy x

craftimamma said...

The orchids photos are still stunning Helen but the crocus ones make me feel happy....must be that they make me think Spring is not too far away. Thanks for wearing out shoe leather on our behalf once again.

Lesley Xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Astonishing how quickly everything pings back into life isn't it. We took the dogs to the bluebell wood this morning and there are green shoots everywhere. Lx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You read my mind before I even had a chance to think it this time. I'm so glad the scarf is soft. That's a fantastic shot of the misty orchids.

These photos are full of beautiful purples beginning with the orchids and continuing to the crocuses. Seems like purple competes with yellows in the trees and daffodils.

I'm going to miss the orchids, but I know there will be other things to take my breath away the next time you visit. I really enjoyed the trip and always love your photos. Have a great rest of Sunday.