Saturday, February 18, 2017

Another trip to see the orchids

The forecast said it was going to feel milder today....well there was no frost I suppose... I felt chilly, but at least inside the glasshouse it was hot!

I wanted at least one more trip to Kew whilst the Orchid Festival is on, and I am working next week so that cuts one week out.

 I caught an earlier connection at Clapham Junction so arrived at Kew earlier than I had intended, so walked round to the Victoria Gate entrance, which meant I approached the orchids from a different direction, past the Palm House pond., great reflectiions, even on a very overcast day!
 and in the entrance I normally exit from!
lens immediately starts misting up, luckily my scarf acts as a good de-mister.  Love the great pillars of orchids and the balls of blooms

time for some more close ups
 and different viewpoints

 so much colour

 I couldn't resist taking this gorgeous dark purple one again,

and by moving a bit further along the path, got a shot of it sideways on too.The back is as gorgeous as the front!
also snapped some wider angle shots too

 this variety look almost like a group of daffodils

there are orchids hanging everywhere...
even when the photograph is overexposed by the light coming through the roof, I love the look

 there are so many different areas in the Princess of Wales glasshouse, little pools and streams hidden away
 because it was only just after opening time, everything is dripping wet from the early morning watering.  Love the water drops on the closeups though.
 and the orchid peacock still standing proud.
Love that you can see outside to the people on their way in, too.(click to enlarge!)

right outside the glasshouse is this huge Agave (I went back out the way I'd come in, having gone round inside a couple of times in circles!)
walking through the small woodland garden back towards the Palm House, I spied these gorgeous little cluster of flowers 
and whilst I was leaning on a tree trunk (edging along the border of the bed) I  noticed it was covered in funghi...

I leant over them to snap the groups of snowdrops.. 

the newsletter that came this week mentioned carpets of crocus emerging everywhere - they weren't wrong! 
 the hellebores are out in force too, 
their shy little heads hanging down so contortion is required to get good shots...
and some judicious lifting of blooms.. 

you can't really tell but under this glorious big tree are clusters of crocus bursting forth. You have to take tiny steps to avoid crushing them underfoot! 
the magnolia are also erupting into soft fluffy bloom.... they will be magnificent sooner than we know! 

 more crocus
 and witch hazel
 more hellebores
 and a small clump of early daffodils under the shelter of some big trees on the hill

lots of work been going on down the Broad Walk, getting it ready for the new season
and lastly some bright purple crocus nestling in amongst some tree trunks

I was tired by this time, that's two and a half hours walking/photographing - time to head home for lunch (would have had some at Kew but by now the queues (ha ha) were long...)


sam21ski said...

Fabulous close ups, have you got your new lens yet?

Sally H said...

stunning photos, Helen! I love orchids! Thank you for another fabulous visit to Kew. There is a place called Teversal not far from here where the wild orchids bloom in June. I saw the one and only Bee orchid I have ever seen there, but thousands of common spotted and early purples

craftimamma said...

More glorious photos Helen. Those orchids are totally stunning but I also love the flowers outside. Those dainty snowdrops are so sweet and although they are small they send a big message that Spring isn't too far away.

Thanks for tiring yourself out so that we have the pleasure of seeing through your lens.

Lesley Xx

Miriam said...

Gorgeous photos Helen.... looks like you had a lovely time

snazzyoriginal said...

Wonderful photos as always, love the ones outside of Spring springing forth x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, I was in awe from beginning to end.

First, I hope your scarf is very soft, because it can leave scratches on the lens if you aren't careful when "demisting."

As much as I enjoyed the orchids, I loved what looked like air plants to me. I was stunned that orchids could look so different, including the ones that resembled daffodils. Of course, the peacock is the show stopper.

I've never seen hellebores, except in your photos. I can't wait for my crocus to bloom. Of course, I loved the snowdrops which I have also only seen in photos.

Thank you for the simply stunning photos you shared with us and for taking us with you to see the orchids and the early blooming flowers. Everything is so beautiful when you photograph it.

Jackie P Neal said...

What Gorgeous photos Helen!! It must have smelled divine inside with all of those beautiful orchids!I am a bit green with envy- as we have no beautiful glasshouses near us "(
I do love that fungi as well-Mother's Natures artwork at her best!
Thank you for bringing us along and sharing in this adventure!
Jackie xx

Thank you very kindly for your comment-it made my day! and I left the link to the stencil at the bottom! ")