Saturday, June 6, 2015

Blue skies, warm sun and a stiff breeze!

It was much cooler thanks to the wind than it appeared, but I spent a lovely few hours again at Kew today..
here are some of the photos from today's visit... sit back and enjoy.

 waterlily, everything in the waterlily house was looking gorgeous today

 petunias growing all round the edge of the waterlily pond

escaped the humid warmth of the waterlily house to the rose garden - wish you could have smelt them!

the Palm House looking good today, fluffy white clouds scurrying by in the stiff breeze
 inside, taken up to the sky outside
 a large family of baby geese sunning themselves
 flowers (or are they fruit?) on a pine tree
 cistus - rock rose - loads of varieties, all beautiful
 a favourite this one,
this had leaves looking very like sage, but couldn't find a label.  was growing with the cistus

 sage or not, it was beautiful!
*edit - thanks to Sue and Tracy on FB - this is Phlomis
 Chinese Fringe tree - never seen this before, stunning!

 just look at it!  no wonder it's called the fringe tree!
 acer, leaves brightly lit in the sun

 loads of California Poppies all over the place, did lots of lying down low to get these shots against the sky

 outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse
 these were beautiful little white flowers, the bush was covered!

 Peonies, now... they've come on a load since last visit.

 another favourite

 more poppies, more lying on the ground!
 yellow horned poppy
 the wind kept blowing!
 a red poppy, but with the sun backlighting it, looks so transaprent!
love poppies!
 not sure what these were, covered in insects too!
 cotton tail
 blue geranium
 gorgeous peony with a hint of pink edging the petals
 close up of an allium head
 more crouching down!
 sign at the entrance to a garden
 sophora - these were beautiful, delicate blue and white flowers.  the tree was covered in them.

a lady asked if I was a professional photographer!
(she was Italian I think)

sweet chestnut
 more roses, I'd walked in a huge circle

so many today,

where shall we go next time?!


sam21ski said...

I hope you said to your Italian lady!!

Another beautifully stunning set of photos, the colours are spectacular and I love those orange poppies.

You know flowers aren't my thing, but I always absolutely love seeing your photos.

PS Where is the fountain today???

Lin said...

Absolutely stunnining piccies Helen they all looked beautiful and those cutie little geese lol!! looks like you had another amazing visit xx

Lesley Ebdon said...

Well flowers are most definitely my thing even if i dont know what half of them are, lol! Wonderful selection of photos Helen and I need to pour over them again. Thanks for sharing!

Lesley Xx

Hazel Agnew said...

What a fantastic display Helen! Love the cottontail! Think that the unlabelled one was Phormium but mine is yellow! Not seen that colour before! Xx

Hazel Agnew said...

No....Phlomis... Must be the bottle of wine that I have drunk! Xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Yes, there is a pink phlomis! Happy bunny now! Xx

snazzyoriginal said...

Beautiful photos, so generous of you to share. Stunning variety and detail but I adore those old fashioned roses x

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Oh Helen, such wonderful photos!! Kew must be looking thoroughly stunning at the moment with these beauties everywhere.

Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous colours. Seeing your photos feels as if you've taken us on a walk with you. Thank you.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

As promised, I'm here! I'm surprised by the different seasons we both share. My peonies have been gone for weeks, in fact, nearly a month. All that's left are the green leaves showing where the plant is established.

I've never had poppies, but have always wanted them. The ones you photographed are delightful.

As often as you visit, doesn't it feel good to be surprised by something new like the Chinese Fringe Tree? It's obvious it's not a new planting, but it must have felt good to see it in bloom.

I'd never heard of the cistus, but I agree, it is lovely. I like the white ones the best, I think, although the pink were lovely, too.

Thanks for taking me on this journey this week. I love it when you visit Kew. It is such a favorite place for me to follow you around. BTW, I missed the fountain.

Scrapmate said...

Beautiful pics as usual. I think the pink and white frilly unnamed flower (28 of 32) is an aquilegia. I have a similar one called Nora Barlow. The plants are about 12-18" tall and they have attractive seed heads too.