Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kew.. as it ever was

Well, today was my first chance to go to Kew since I attended the photography course my wonderful boss gave me for Christmas, last Sunday.   Determined to put it into practice and not just use the "auto everything" setting that I usually do... 200 photos later, here I am... some worked, some didn't. I played with the programmes, the shutter speeds, the light balances, you name it... I won't cos I can't remember from one pic to the next.
 As you know I love to do close ups so took lots using the tricks we were taught in "class"!

 today marks the start of the Kew summer season - this year, it's all about spice.  This is a fabulous stand with hundreds of jars of spices

will go back to study the displays more fully another time.

 the waterlilies in the PoW glasshouse were looking fine

 never noticed this blue bromeliad before

pretty irises


 always loved Californian poppies

and the traditional red opium poppy
 nigella (love-in-a-mist)
 can't remember what this one was called.

more peonies

 tried the shutter exposure tricks to blur the water, think I need more practice, but got some great shots of the water drops frozen!

this one is in the rockery

the tulips from the bedding in front of the Palm House are finished, replaced by beds of pink, blue and purple flowers

 and in the Waterlily house, got some good close ups

outside the waterlily house is this beautiful huge, white wisteria.

this was outside the rear of the Palm House.


more iris

and finally wiegela

Thanks for staying this long, hope you enjoyed the visit today!  I did..


BJ said...


Angela Curror said...

Fabulous, There are several things there that I've never seen before. I particularly like the paler blue starry one with dark buds in the middle, the close-up of the white wisteria and the last waterlily.

Sally H said...

Wow! Stunning photos, Helen! I have never been to Kew, but I would love to! You captured some real beauties here. I too have been trying to get out of auto mode, but just in the back garden! ;)

sam21ski said...

OMGosh Helen, I thought your other photos were fabulous but some of these are absolutely stunning. Love the ones where they are blurred in the foreground and sharp in the background and visa versa. Your colours are absolutely vibrant and rich and they are so sharp, they look professional, you are seriously in the wrong job!!

I love so many of them but my fave is the orange one that looks like carrots with green tops xxx

Lesley Ebdon said...

These are wonderful already Helen even though its your first outing following the course. Love all the peonies ... mine are only buds at the moment....and the fabulous white wisteria....mine's white too but tiddy compared the one you photographed. Another gorgeous Kew blog post!

Lesley Xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Just like my garden..haha! A wonderful tour Helen! Your close ups are stunning! Well done for biting the bullet! Still need to invest in a good camera myself! Thanks for the irises! Xx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Wonderful photos!!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Stunning photos Helen. your course has paid off because these photos look very professional. love all the close ups using low apeture shots they are so effective, with the depth of field reduced. fabulous! xx

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