Friday, April 3, 2015

Coombe Wood with Angela

My cousin Angela takes regular trips to Coombe Wood in Croydon (even more than I go to Kew)  and it's somewhere I haven't been for loads of years, since I moved away from the area (and from when I had a car)  As it has been far too long since we met up, I suggested going today and luckily she was free.

The forecast for today was the worst of the weekend, but the only day we could both do.  As luck would have it, the rain stayed away until after I got home, and we had a great time.   Here are my photos from today (well, some of them!)
 Clusters of tiny flowers - we're neither of us very good plant identifiers...
 peeling paint on a little hut
beautiful tree bark and shapes in the trunks
 clusters of hanging flowers - from a distance they look like catkins, but they're not

 more delicate little blooms
 and rotting tree trunks. allowed to lie where they fall.
 and curious holes in the bark of a tree where...
 this amazing bracket fungus grows

 I remember scrambling up these steps, they're harder work than they look, so we left them... Angela's grandchildren have no difficulty but they weren't with us!
 hellebores, going over but still so pretty

 more hellebores
 the veins on the back are so pretty too.
 lacy skeleton leaves
 and water droplets in the centre of these clusters

people leave all sorts in this hole in the bark, this time some hellebore blooms in a little puddle of water
 and this tree was so wonderful...
 branches going off in all directions, and will so many different colours and mossy stretches

 this is horizontal, but can't rotate it again, darn it!
and this roof is covered is the most gorgeous moss
 euphorbia, so pretty with its bracts (I think)

 and tiny rock plants

 more moss
 and even on a dully cloudy day, the pond at the entrance has beautiful reflections.
some bullrushes, nearly finished now, but so fluffy!

Had a lovely walk, and a great catch up, putting the world to rights - hope to do it again soon, Angela!  Thanks for lunch too..

You can see Angela's blog here 


snazzyoriginal said...

Stunning photos Helen, looks like you had a great day out x

Claire said...

Looks like you had a lovely day Helen! Some lovely photos you've captured X

craftimamma said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your post Helen. Wonderful photos as always and glad you had such a nice morning out.

Lesley Xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Loved reading your post Helen. The photos are fantastic love the water droplets and the tree towards the end had Such a curious face. Look like you both had a fab day. Xx

sam21ski said...

Gosh your park is nearly as gorgeous as your Kew is. Again fabulous, colourful photos, love your 'eyes' in the bark and those lacy skeleton leaves - fantastic. Thanks for sharing xxx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Really beautiful photos, I'm glad you had such a lovely day.