Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cold, cloudy, but blooming lovely - and very pink!

I woke before 6 this morning and the sun was up and the light beautiful... by the time I left it was cloudy, and I discovered, very cold! But, Kew had tweeted a photo of the magnolias in bloom so off I went.

 as you can see, very cloudy, and the blooms are really only just coming out for the most part.
 but they look gorgeous, and the variety and shades of pink - even on the same shrub - are amazing.
I know my friends Lesley and Sam are not fond of pink, but they do enjoy my trips to Kew, so I hope they'll forgive me...
 .. sharing quite so much of the pink!

Buds starting to unfurl...
 I've taken shots like this in previous years with bright blue skies behind (may be will again this year, too)
 and I had to do a fair bit of branch holding and one-handed photography as the wind was swirling the buds around - and has blown lots of the petals off too, leaving the grass beneath looking as if it were covered with confetti at a wedding

 but, like I say, the pinks are fabulous. Name your Fresco shade, Paperartsy fans!

 the branches are covered in lichen too, so pretty!
but it wasn't only magnolias, the hellebores were looking gorgeous too!
I only discovered this flower bed full of them because I noticed a man with a very long lens on his camera, and went to see what he was studying so intently - so glad I did!
 again, a great variety of colours.

great swathes of them, they were lovely!

and finally, on my cold way out, I passed this fabulous tree trunk.

Was glad to get home out of the cold - stayed much shorter time than normal (partly to get home for the rugby) - but got some great shots,
and of course, the sun tried to come out as I left...

but I was too cold to stay longer, and it didn't last long, either!


snazzyoriginal said...

Beautiful photos, such an array of shades but my favourite has to be that gnarly old tree trunk x

Hazel Agnew said...

Beautiful post Helen! Can almost feel the waxiness of the Magnolias. Must go out and photograph my hellebores! Xx

sam21ski said...

I must admit, that is a very, very pink post!! Glad you made it today albeit a bit on the cool side. At least you found a great way to mark the first day of spring xxx

craftimamma said...

I will most certainly forgive you the pink excesses of this post, lol! Actually, pink flowers are more than acceptable to me. To be totally honest it's really only in decor and my own clothing that I don't like pink unless it's a very dusky vintage type shade ;-).

Love all the photos once again and the combination of blooms and lichen on the fourth photo is lovely. I love magnolia and wish I had room for another in my would be the one in the fifth pic I think....stunning!

Thanks for braving the cold on our behalf!

Lesley Xx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Hope you've warmed up by now. ;) Wonderful photos, the hellebores are stunning - so much better than the puny ones in my garden.

massofhair said...

Love magnolias but adore Hellebores more, their delicate flowers and muted colours are beautiful and you have taken photos of two of the colours i love (not the pink lol).

So glad you decided to go, your pictures are beautiful as always:-)