Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's been a while....

Hi, there poor neglected photo blog... I have finally managed to finish the film that I started at my great niece Maisie's Christening in June.... guess where I went... go on, guess... Bet you can't...

But first some more of Maisie.  She is so cute!
 my nephew Peter making a speech before he cuts the cake!
 which was so pretty and very tasty!  Though he's a chef, Peter didn't cater for the party but it was all lovely!

 Then it was on to - oh you guessed - Kew - last Saturday (there is a story behind the delay in the photos but it's boring so I won't bother with it!)

Their summer theme as you saw last time, is "IncrEdibles" with all manner of edible delights on show, but since I went in June, these amazing willow sculptures have appeared all over the place too - they were fabulous - so I got a bit carried away with the pictures...

 giant mushrooms!

 they were so tactile too.

 by the time I was preparing to leave, there was lots of other people admiring them - and getting in my way, ha ha!!   That's why I like to go as early as I can!

 and there are beds and beds of pumpkins growing along the Broad Walk - I expect they will use the resulting veg in their restaurants later in the autumn.
 Sunflowers outside the now closed for restoration Temperate House - it's all roped off, so I couldn't get closer.... I love sunflowers though, and these always look great this time of year.

So there you are, against greyer than they really were skies (I really must get a photoshop programme to do something about this!!)
my day - well morning - last week at Kew.

Thanks for looking.


sam21ski said...

WOW love that cake and the way her name has been done in the little square ones along the bottom, fab idea.

Oooh them mushrooms look great, especially the ones with like the circles in the darker colours, great contrast. Also love that photo of them things below the sunflowers (sorry have no idea what they are!!) but they look either all furry or very hard, can't decide!!

Thanks for sharing - Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

She is such a lovely baby & that cake looks amazing. As do those incredible mushrooms. I'm glad you finally got your photographs.