Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kew IncrEdibles and a Christening

This time I have flowers and a baby for you....

Saturday just gone (8th June) saw me off to Kew to see their summer event which is all about edible plants.  It will develop over the summer as more things grow.  So far, so good.

vegetable beds

Tea party?  This table was beautiful, carved with the names of the tea party food and drink.  Felt a bit like the Mad Hatter!

This is by the rose garden behind the Palm House

 and in the lake in front of the Palm House is the Pineapple Island, interactive displays and if you want, you can hire a boat and see from the water too... not for me!

 the waterlily house , where there is also a collection of chillies
 out to the gardens again, these beautiful acquilegia (may not be correct spelling!) were stunning! Shame the sun went in..

and you can't beat a poppy or several!  Did my getting down low on the grass to take these...
 and of course the sun went in again... I have some better ones on my phone but I can't transfer them yet as I don't have the lead or whatever I need to do so...
 Californian poppies - love these too
 wild flowers all over the place this year, love them
getting down low again for this display!

So, that was Saturday. Then on Sunday I went to my great niece's Christening (does that make me feel old or what!!)

My nephew Peter and his girlfriend Grace's beautiful daughter Maisie. I only have a few as there weren't many exposures left on the film, needless to say there are some more still in the camera on the next film!

the ones inside the church didn't come out too well..

the service was at St Dunstans in Cheam Village, a really pretty, old church...
 with a lovely graveyard (I know, I know)

 but I love them!

 there was a party back at Grace's parents house, here are the proud parents... aaaaahhh!

my other nephew Robert.  Seem to have managed to miss Michael in the snaps, sorry Mike!!


sam21ski said...

WOW no wonder you wanted to visit Kew and on such a lovely day too.

The christening looks like it was a good day too, lots of family to meet up and re-unite with.

Lovely photos - TFS

Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Kew looks gorgeous & Maisie is adorable. Glad you had such a lovely weekend.

Linda said...

Great pics Helen. Love that big table at Kew! Lucky you living so close to Kew. I think it's somewhere I ought to visit with my Mum!