Saturday, October 20, 2018

Another late autumn visit to Kew

After last week's marathon visit, you might be forgiven for thinking I'd give it a miss today, but the forecast was good, so...

Not as long a trip today as I'm going out later (yes, out, in an evening!)  but I did  stay longer than I planned, it was such a wonderful morning.

 it started chilly, and there was a heavy dew on the grass.

they've planted up most of the beds in front of the Palm House now
 the pond reflections called for the wide angle!
 which I kept on for this... still looking gorgeous

 I love how the dew almost gives it a misty look
 the sun was bright through the trees

 despite wispy white clouds, the sky was blue, and warming up

 a series of people walking across the bridge added to the reflections; the lake was fabulous today

 two swans sailed down the lake

 as I walked round the lake I came across the first of what was to be numerous groups of funghi..

framing the lake with the bullrushes

 I photographed the leaves on this tree last week but didn't notice the bark

 walking along cedar vista I took a detour and saw a peahen - presumably, as it is much less vibrant than the showy males! 
ging-ko tree

 some funghi were small..
 some were huge
 close up of the gills
 some were rounded
 some were flat!
 some were grey

 some were orangey-brown

 there were loads of them!

 some grew at the base of a tree
 this looks like a brain, no idea what it is, if it's vegetation or funghi! 
 round another corner, more dinner plate size ones

 heading back towards the cafe for refreshments...
 more funghi in the middle of the grass
 round the back of the pond, they've cut back a lot of the more tender plants for the winter
 which really opens up the view across the pond

 the gunnera are still there, so translucent with the sun shining through them  (love this photo)
 the large trees at the top of the Broad Walk look fabulous against the sky
 and the canna leaves in the bed with the trees behind
and in the other direction the Palm House behind

 liquid amber tree to the left of the Broad Walk, redder than last week!
 great view of the Hive
 through the beds on the Broad Walk

 after something to eat (different cafe, the one I usually use is being refurbished)

I walked to the Princess of Wales glasshouse to look for the water dragon

I noticed a drift of crocus on the top of a bank, with the POW in the background
 they were glistening in the sun

inside the POW

 these look like pink bananas... I couldn't see a label

 no sign of the baby,but the adult was sitting on a rock catching a patch of sun coming through the glass roof

 he (she) posed nicely

 I'm not fond of pitcher plants but these were quite striking

 stem (may not be the right term!) of a cactus...

 this was much redder last week, golden now!
amazing how the trees change so much so fast

 tucked along the woodland walk

 salivas are still spectacular
 and still feeding the bees

 Scilla, in the alpine house
 amazing, tiny flowers opening

 the bed outside the POW (complete with photo-bombing jumbo jet!)

 the Hive from the other side

and at the gate to go home.

thanks for coming with me again, now I have a party to get ready to go to!


Angela Radford said...

Hi Helen, I love to see the changing seasons and your photographs are lovely as they follow this. Your little reptile friend is rather cute and the colours all around are awesome! Have a great week, Angela xxx

Virginia said...

You definitely caught the colours of autumn with those beautiful photos, I love the close up funghi pictures and the beautiful red leaves - utterly beautiful - thank you for sharing xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although I’m still not well, I apologize for taking so long to visit. I always enlarge the photos first, then go back and read what you have written. I see the Urns are still planted and showing all their red and green glory. Quite the contrast from the Palm House beds.

I remember how that tree in front of the "house" was such a draw last week and still looking beautiful.

The lake was especially pretty in your shots. It showed how the trees were turning beautiful and autumnal right before our eyes. And you found some incredible fungi, too.

I agree that the photo of the gunnera is a real beauty. It is prize winning worthy in my book. So is the scilla in the Alpine house. Still love that Alpine House.

Goodness, only 116 photos in this entry. I sincerely hope you enjoyed your party. Will catch up with you on your other blog soon, if I can still sit long enough.