Saturday, June 16, 2018

Another trip to Kew

after my gap last week, I was keen to go and see what had changed... quite a lot.   Took even more photos than usual.. sit back and enjoy.  You may need something to eat and drink along the way..

 summer bedding is filling out
 just by the entrance, a large group of what I think are scabious although I've not seen them in pale creamy yellow.. they were very pretty though
 all the alliums from the round beds have been removed, and they are now full of daisies.   although there is probably a proper name for them and they certainly aren't the little ones you see in your lawn

but the large (canna lillies?) certainly make a great backdrop

I disturbed Mr Duck  from his slumbers and he raised his beautiful head as I moved in close..

 yes, canna.  I've checked
 the lillies along the Broad Walk are coming out

 centre of a rose
 a large clump of them!
 a more normal colour for the scabious

 love the colour of these and the bees loved them too

I should know what they are but don't..

 everything is tall!
 couldn't believe the alliums have gone so far to seed in 2 weeks! 

 walked along the back of the border across the grass, you get a better view of these

 I love geraniums.  these were basking in the early morning sun
walked up to the Hive, the wildflower meadow is as tall as me now

 the sky was quite grey, as you can see..but makes a great backdrop for the wildflowers
 although there was someone sitting on the floor in the centre of the Hive (I thought she was meditating for a moment, but she was posing for photos for somebody on the ground underneath)

I took a pic up to the sky, not done this for ages!  certainly not with the newest lens

 walking down the steps to the ground (steps one way,a slope the other for easy access)

love the vibrant pink
 there are only a few poppies in the wild meadow.. but fear not, we will see more soon.. very soon.. very many

this caught my eye, shining translucently in the sun

as did this water spray outside the POW in front of the California poppies
 headed round to the family beds,,

beautiful delphiniums
 and the rose pergola... oh my

 but the poppies.... I had thought they might have passed their best since 2 weeks ago.. but no.

 I got carried away, obviously
 and it hasn't rained lately, so I was able to lie down on the grass for bird's eye shots...

I was taking pics on my phone too, and sending them to my friends and loading to facebook...

including my favourite

ok, where were we...

 the sun kept going in and out... but the bees were busy...

 still down on the floor...

ok, stop, stop Helen...

 I picked myself up from the floor...

back to the delphiniums where I spoke to a couple who had walked past me at the poppies..

 roses up the wall bordering the Rock Garden/family beds..

 the alpine house doors were already open so I had a look inside...

teeny tiny purple
these were odd (Haemanthus -  fyi)
but strangely attractive

 love that you can see the tall plants inside the POW as you walk by outside..
 cut across back down the Broad Walk behind the beds

love this untidy looking blooms!
 and I love the eryngium (sea holly)
 the goslings - all in a group with mum and dad... like teenagers everywhere, everything is easier lying down!!
 on to the Rose Garden... oh boy, what a scent hit my nose and a sight to behold... still quite early, the smell was amazing before it got too warm which seemed to dull it (later on it wasn't so noticeable )
 and once again I got carried away!

blooms of every colour

but mostly pink or red it seems... we'll see some more later!!

 headed for the Temperate House it was getting on for 10 now...
passed by the Chinese Dogwood (strawberry tree)  again... they were going over but still some pretty impressive - don't think they're flowers, but bracts...

 approached from one end, not the middle...

doors still shut
 so stop and read about it a while...

 peaked through the doors
 walked round the outside....

remembered I wanted to go to
 the Pagoda, to see how the restoration is coming along...

nearly done, will be open in a month..

 looks very different now, clean and tidy with newly restored dragons on the outside..


 by the foot of the Pagoda is a huge bed of Philadelphus (mock orange) smelling divine... I have one in my garden too, and had been comparing them with my friends... think these are better though!
 so it was now almost 10, so I took the short walk back across the grass to the Temperate House.

sun glinting on the green fronds in front of the waterfall..
 and through tall leaves...
 climbed the spiral stairs, the tree ferns seem bigger again
 back down on the ground, another fern of some kind (didn't read the label)  tightly furled

 walking through the intersections, display of lupins
looked at the name of these this time, they are Litsea

the things I do for you!

 walked through the Mediterranean garden..
 now, I am a bit confused as I don't remember these in this order... but I must have gone for my coffee at this time as I was back at the rose garden  - you get a bit of an idea of the size...

I turned round for some reason, to my complete surprise, i saw this deer running across the grass

 I've never seen one at Kew before...
bee in a huge rambling rose just behind where I saw the deer

 after my refreshments I went back to the Temperate House... wide angle lens on, still can't get it all in one shot..
centre secton
 to the left
 and to the right..
 inside, a display of fuschias had taken the place of the gorgeous daisies (shame,  I loved them)

 this was lovely too, camera refused to focus on the name on the label.. I think it was Apium

 more rambling roses
 ok, as promised,roses in other colours!

 stopped at the other end of the Palm House beds on my way to the POW as I didn't go in last time..

 lily alongside the pond

 the gunnera are now way taller than me
 ferns in the woodland area in the sun

 in the desert bit, cactus everywhere - don't really like them, but this flower was huge!
 huge lily pads..
 I was just about to photograph these, when a man walked straight into them (they hang from the jade vine so are right in your face - literally!)
 upstairs, I saw someone photographing something growing by the steps... so had a look..

never seen these before, or anything like them..  and no label!

 they wee extraordinary!  starting curled over and open out it seems...
 and the titan arum is growing another stinker!

 outside, in the Duke's Garden.. teasels...
 more eryngium..

 time to lie down on the grass again!

 so sunny and happy looking!
 this robin let me get quite close, he stayed right there...

but I was losing track of time, it was nearly 12.30 and time for the first of the day's performances of Cirque Bijou, and I wanted to see it from the balcony in the Temperate House, so I had a very brisk walk,

 getting there (and finding a space, which was tricky) just after he had started
 I was right, great photos from up here, although the people on the ground are a little distracting from the performer....

 but you do get a good idea of height and daring-do!!

 his "counterweight"  running up and down the ladder on the pillar...

 it's the same routine each time, but it did look different from up here!

 lots of spinning, twisting, hanging,

 it really is incredible!

 when he finished, I was too busy clapping to take pics of him on the ground with his cellist!

Hope you've enjoyed today's visit, mammoth post - my feet were aching by the time I got home, never have I been so glad to take my walking boots off and put my feet up... and rest my shoulders (camera bag weighs a ton!)

Anyhow, I think it was worth it...


Angela Curror said...

WOW! Fabulous!

craftimamma said...

Wow Helen, definitely a mammoth round of gorgeous photos. My absolute favourite of the day has to be the selfie! I love the beautiful daisy pic just before the cheeky robin doing his pose. I'm not a cacti lovere either but that flower is quite stunning. I love lots of the rose photos but there are two closeups I find especially stunning, the peachy one and the shades of soft dusty pink with a bit of peach thrown in. They are just lovely.

The pagoda is looking great and those dragons are fabulous. Wonder what they will have inside or is it just to get the views from various heights?

What are those pretty blue flowers with what I assume are the curly seed heads, a bit like my clematis seed heads but a really pretty silvery grey colour? I do like those! You got some lovely shots of the busy bees today too.

I'm glad it stayed dry for you and what a fabulous round up of photos you chose for us to wander through. Just lovely!

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The red and pink are really now pronounced at the parterre. I believe they truly HAVE filled out a lot since you were last there.

I LOVED the photo along the Broad Walk. So many new plants to see there this time of year.

Bees, bees everywhere I looked. They always make my day when I see them, whether they are on flowers I don't know, roses, or poppies, they always make my day.

Speaking of poppies, they are such fun to see. I loved and enlarged every photo of them, too. Beautiful, and a fabulous selfie, too. Wonderful photo.

I had a good laugh at the gosling, laying down on the job. Teens will be teens.

I can't WAIT to see the Pagoda. I am sure you will be one of the first in line to see it next month. It's truly stunning already and those dragons are SO impressive. Were they hand painted? I hope you'll find out once they open, because it is already over the top with awesomeness.

After you entered the Temperate house, those fuschia are lovely. For some reason, I thought those were bleeding hearts. Of course, roses, echinacea, bird of paradise, and possibly poppies, are the only plants I am sure of when I see them!!

That unknown plant after the lily pads is stunning. Too bad there was no marker, because the coloring was lovely, but the design was different, too.

Also enjoyed seeing the photos from the guy with Cirque Bijou. It looked the same, yet different, too. Seeing it from above was so different.

Glad you took all these photos and shared them with us today. Your hard work, sore feet, and aching shoulders were well worth the effort and show you put on for us. Thank you for this.

Virginia said...

Oh that was a lovely visit to Kew, thank you for taking me there. So many things to see and Mother Nature at her absolute finest. Loved the flowers, utterly stunning and those poppies! I also loved seeing the Pagado, I hadn't realised they were renovating it!


Diana Taylor said...

Fabulous photos - I am totally in love with the Haemanthus - never heard of it but WOW it is just my sort of plant! Thank you once again for a wonderful meander through beautiful Kew!
Diana x

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, my goodness! Love all your photos especially the daisy ones, and the ones of the building. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! (31)

Sue said...

Hi Helen, Fantastic photos. My dad would have loved all the roses. The circus act looked very impressive, although I think the counterweight had a harder job:)

The Pagoda is stunning. Will people be able to get to the top?

Obviously from the photos of that ragamuffin, anyone can get into Kew these days:) LOL

Thanks for sharing. Sue