Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kew, Tulip City!

Hi, after a few days of really intense heat in parts of the UK today was not meant to be quite as hot, but I knew Kew would be gorgeous... sunglasses and sun hat at the ready, off I went.

 6am and the sun was a big red ball rising in the sky seen from one of my windows. Promising much...
 the high temperatures (in the low 80s) hadn't been kind to the orange Imperial Crown fritillaries in the Palm House beds...they were looking decidedly past their best!

 but the circular bed in front of the pond was looking good still

 this week the shot I was trying for last week, worked!

 the prunus, flowering cherry were looking even more spectacular this week

 and the light danced on the grass
 everywhere was blossom...

 water fountain
 a few more of the snakeshead fritillary were out... the board says there are 30000 bulbs in this area.
 a lot of the magnolias seemed to have peaked too, guess the heat was too much for them (me too!)

 but it had brought out the bluebells

 although I did have trouble getting the camera to focus on them even with the flash new lens!

 but they look glorious shining in the bright sunlight. so I kept going!
there were already lots of people about, relaxing on the grass and enjoying the peace...

 I headed for the lake and the way to the woodland area where there were no bluebells last week either...

 it was already hot, I was glad of my hat

the reflections were amazing

walking along the path I noticed what looked like a moth... closer inspection showed it to be a lost ear-ring rescued and hung on a tree!

 It was cool(ish)  walking along the side of the lake in the shade of the big trees
 the mud of last week had dried out (just as well, I was wearing sandals)

 and the blossom was stunning

 and the sky blue
 I always like it along here, in the dappled shade created by these fabulous trees

 and the bluebells here had come out since last week too - staggering to think that just 7 days ago, there was no blue here at all

 the huge pile of fallen tree trunks (left to encourage the wildlife) was looking interesting...

the acid green looks so vibrant against the blue of the bluebells

 tiny pine cones growing
 it was so bright (and I was only looking through the lens) I didn't see the insect on the petal till just now...

 no way was I climbing the steps up there today!

(no idea Elizabeth, why the lift is so often not working, though I didn't check today, but didn't notice it ascending!)
 the hoardings at the back of the Temperate House are down now, they were there working again...

just 2 weeks to go.

I turned a corner and WOW!!! 
 underplanting the flowering cherries on the pathway to the side of the Temperate House... hundreds (over 1000 the sign said) of brightly coloured tulips.)

I got very carried away here...
 planted specially for the re-opening of the Temperate House.

It looks spectacular!

 I do hope there will be some left in bloom in 2 weeks when they have the official re-opening!

 I eventually dragged myself away....

 back past the Palm House beds - went into the cafe but there was a long queue for food so just had some (free) water... nice and cold and refreshing

 new growth on the gunnera at the far side of the Palm House pond
 and more troughs of tulips outside a restaurant

 Mallus, tree was smothered in blooms

apple blossom

 the bullrushes aren't as fluffy as the ones my cousin sees!
 tiny blooms in the Alpine House

 tulips in the sun outside the POW house, blousy and wide open now
 not sure if this is coming or going, under a fern!it was quite odd looking
 jade vine
back outside, a host of golden daffodils...!

a jay was hopping about under a  tree, but wouldn't let me any closer

 looking along the Broad Walk, so full of colour

 bright bronze fern
 dancing Crown Imperial fritillaries, these don't look to have suffered in the sun

 there were still clumps of daffodils in the Broad Walk beds
 stunning trees to my left...

 more gorgeous tulips

great cloud patterns
stopped to look back all the way up the Broad Walk..

 at the end of the Broad Walk as you turn to go towards the exit (going in the direction I was)  a bed of white daffodils and
 ... have forgotten what these are...

 a patch of bright magenta pink caught my eye, more tulips!

 stunning blossom on the the tree
 and some final red tulips!

(I did warn you)

they were playing cricket on Kew Green...

but I was heading home,  too hot to stop and watch.

I may not get to go next week, as I have a hair appointment, so the next time I go could well be when we get to see inside the Temperate House and back to the special 8am members opening!

thanks for looking, hope you have enjoyed these photos (let me know!)


Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen, wow, so many beautiful photographs. Hard to pick a favourite, but that Jade Vine might just take it. what a gorgeous colour. That one you've forgotten, the white one? I *think* it may be a Saxifrage. All those tulips are stunning, never seen them planted like that before. Hugs, Shaz X

Lin said...

Wow wow wow those flowers are gorgeous... Love the tulips especially the red ones... Great piccies as always Helen

craftimamma said...

What a fabulous post Helen! I adore the bluebell pics and always think of them as my flower because up here they are usually still in bloom for my birthday. The tulips have to take pride of place for me today though especially the ones planted under the trees....truly a breathtaking sight. Absolutely love all the stunning close ups of the different coloured tulips and the beautiful prunus blossom is really something too. I've never heard of a Jade Vine before but what a stunning colour that is. Thank you for braving the heat for us today.....I would never have made it round, lol!

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a difference the heat made to the plantings in front of the Palm House. It didn't look like the same place at all.

Beautiful photos of bluebells. I have never seen them except in photos, and yours are lovely.

It would be nice if the lift to the Treetop view worked on a more predictable schedule, because I'm sure it is a challenge for some people on even a "normal" day.

WOW the tulips are out of this world. Stunning ones near the Temperate House. What a gorgeous welcome that will be when it opens in two weeks. I've never seen tulips planted like that before. They are usually in beds with mulch around them. I LOVE what Kew did showcasing these.

Goodness there were a LOT of people on the Broad walk. I bet it was crowded like crazy. Enjoyed the view of the Kew Green and am so glad you braved the heat and shared your day at Kew with us.

Neet said...

Wow Helen, your knowledge of flowers puts me to shame. Funny how you put so many photos of tulips up since I have just returned from the home of tulips. I recognise some of them from the pictures on the bulbs in the Bloemenmarkt.
It would be hard to pick a favourite photo from this wonderful collection, I loved so many. One I was instantly drawn to was the one with the benches against the water. So tranquil.
Love the bluebells, our garden is still awaiting ours popping up. We have the leaves but not the flowers.
There is so much blossom and each photo is a wonder to the eye, love the close ups of the individual flowers.
Can see why you thought the ear ring was a moth - hope it stays there and grows patina on it over time.
Love the white and red tulips outside the restaurant and the white ones are spectacular but I just love them all if truth be told.
The jade vine is a beautiful colour - never heard of it before. Neither have I ever seen white daffodils
Thanks for opening my eyes to so much beauty.
Spectacular photography as always from your lens and you.
Hugs, Neet xx

Sue said...

Beautiful photos Helen. I love the Jade Vine. Sue

pearshapedcrafting said...

It's great seeing your photos and having some sort of idea about where you walked - although it was too hot to walk far when we went so didn't get as far as the woodland area - next time I think! We did see some bluebells near the entrance that had clearly benefited from a bit of sun between your visits! I envy you living close enough to visit regularly! Sat under the Hive but there were groups of schoolchildren charging around and we didn't feel up to walking up! Hoping to post soon but it is taking a long time to sort to the 'few' photos we took!!!! Hugs, Chrisx

Lenie said...

Amazing pictures! I saw your blog for the first time but I will look more often.
I love English gardens. They are so beautiful!