Saturday, October 7, 2017

Artful Autumn - more from Kew

It felt so odd leaving for Kew after the time I've been used to already being there - enjoyed the extra time in bed though!
As it's back to the normal 10 am opening,it's back to the other entrance (nearer the station I use) so a different starting photo today.
 heading up the Broad Walk first,
 past some old friends..

 so many leaves have fallen off the tree behind this, it looks quite bare in places
 but still a good screen for the Palm House!
the Red Scarf standing out against an equally grey sky!

 no sun shining on the water today!
yes, Elizabeth,the pots are still empty.  I suspect they will be till they change the bedding in front of the Palm House

 I think the Crane is one of my favourites... even against the dull sky

 not at all sure about the swans though...
 colour developing nicely,

camelias (?)  providing some bright colour

the sugar maple, (acer) one of my favourite autumn trees, has lost so much of its leaf, it's a shame, but it was great fun scuffling through them (and I wasn't the only adult doing so!!)

 so we saw this willow last week, with ropes round it, this is part of Artful Autumn, and is one of a series around the garden by Julia Clarke.

 couple of different angles...

 lots of berries on trees and shrubs..

 once I got to Cedar Vista I found the series of carved seats that are set along the walk, they are all by Nigel Ross
 this was my favourite, it was smooth, and comfortable
 took this of the side, whilst sitting on it...

 I just love the shapes these seats have been carved/twisted into! 

 there are also a series of silk hangings, by Claudia Wagner, Funghi Fascinations..

this was my favourite,
 suspended between two cedars
 a gust of wind caught it, billowing like a sail on a ship!

 Cedar Vista... at the end, under wraps being refurbished is the Pagoda
 stretching the other way to the lake
 nearly missed this one hiding behind some trees

looks like a snake from this angle...
 and a handlebar moustache from this!
 haven't found myself here for ages, loving the colours of the trees
 more willow
 cough candy anyone?!

my favourite willows though, were the Treelings...
I took loads! (there were quite a lot of treelings)

here are a few

they were fabulous

whilst I was walking up the Vista, I could see some fabulous tree colour up by the lake

 various activities going on, yoga, face painting, you could have a go at willow weaving,
 but I was drawn by the colours at the lake...

 so I decided to walk round the lake from the top end, this is normally where I finish...

 shame there was no sun to improve the reflections
but there were some!

 gaping hole in a tree trunk..

 one of the giant Redwoods... certainly deserves it's name

 leant over the bridge to see what someone else was staring at.... a huge carp

 from the lake it is but a hop skip and a jump to the Treetop Walkway...
 autumn crocus peeking through leaf litter...

 up the top of the Walkway, trees framing the colour in the distance...
 great views of the surroundings

 back down on the floor, the geese were sleeping in the leaves..
 masses of berries
the Pavilion restaurant, still gorgeous colour but again, lots of leaves fallen since last week...

 there was a glimpse of light shining through these leaves, but the camera didn't really capture it...

 I stopped for tea and cake (well, coffee actually)
the cake was gorgeous - apple and blackcurrant, with a (very sweet) buttercream filling.... delicious.

as you see, I sat outside.. it was drizzling a little, not much
great view though
 walking past the Temperate House, (re-opens next spring, can't wait - they've started moving the plants back inside ready now)
 past here again...

 quite a drizzle now,

 so went inside the Palm House,
 went up the stairway

 and walked round the top (very hot and humid up there!)
there was as much condensation on inside as rain on the outside of the windows
love the roof

 the the slightly rusting spiral staircase
 outside now, love how the marble heads appear to be biting the hedge (if I bend down!)

 still lots of colour in the Parterre
 and from this angle the scarf seems to be moving
love these leaves

 walked up to the Hive, still spitting with rain, not really umbrella worthy though
 loving the colours behind the structure of the Hive

 quite a crowd in there looking around, and the floor was very slippery from the rain
 the dancing stones (think that was what they were called)

 wanted to go back and see these again still love them
 they still look like powetex to me.

 Inside the Princess of Wales the pond was full of teeny tiny (and some huge!) fish - you may need to click on the picture to see them. 

 tried really hard to get a good shot of this orchid, but the camera kept focusing on the slats of the blind behind it
 back outside, the dancing stones are still dancing

 crackle glaze?!!
 monkey puzzle

 these are just beautiful

I think last time we saw them the sky was bluer, but loving the purple glass against the grey sky!

 at the end of the Broad Walk are the two horse heads, not sure if I included the "blurb" last time...

 I nipped into the pop up shop and even though I still can't afford any of them, but I'd have loved these!

I saw that I had missed a couple of sculptures that I had meant to go back and see, so it was back out to find them (I had been about to go home)

 love these dramatic clouds!

 this was just outside the shop

 eventually I tracked it down...
I saw this at Hampton Court in the summer

 and this one too

 I love this one

 just love his eyes
 in the distance behind the greyhound, the marble heads, in front of the back of the Palm House

 more autumn crocus
crouching down, taking pics "blind" at grass level (took several to get any good ones)

 love the shape of this tree, it's really been bent by leaning into the prevailing wind

 this one was really hard to photograph!
 but I know I did it before (allium)

 grass was covered in pretty leaves

 a quick look at the porcelain magnolia...
 and this is the huge magnolia by the entrance/exit   no idea if they always look like this at this time of year!

there were the more normal fluffy buds, too!

wow, that was a mega visit (over 4 hours, over 400 photos and another 10k (15,000 + steps) walked... hope you're still with me

The sculptures end next week, and I am not sure if I will make it there next Saturday so made the most of it today!


Miriam said...

Stunning! I love the autumnal colours...and those Acer'! As for all the walking and number of photos....good on you! Hope you've got your feet up now! Thanks for sharing with us xx

sam21ski said...

OMGosh, wow, you have capture Kew in all it's glory, this has to be my favourite visit of all time, love the weaving creations, those silk hangings are stunning and the sculpture are to die for. Love everything about todays visit, no wonder you spent 4 hours and did over 10K - thank you xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was in awe of the different sculptures. I was sure you had shown them all over the last two visits, but I saw many I'd never seen before.

Laughed at the empty pots. I look forward to what Kew has in store for them as late autumn approaches.

I actually LIKE the swans. They are really lifelike. I was sure they were real at first.

Not sure I care much fir some of those Willow "sculptures," but I really enjoyed the various shapes of the benches made by Nigel Ross. I can't begin to imagine how long it must have taken him to carve some of those benches. On slip of the sculpting tool and it would have been history.

For the most part, I enjoyed the silk hangings. I was especially drawn to the one you liked so much.

Not sure what you meant by cough candy (possibly an inside joke I'm not aware of), but that wood piece looks like an auger bit to me. A very LARGE auger bit!

I DO think the treelings were adorable. They were so much different from the formed willows we first saw. I especially liked the dancers (please don't tell me they are fighters).

Every time you share photos of the Hive, I get an even better understanding of it. I really appreciated the view on this trio because it showed how large it was relative to the size of the people.

I was in total awe of the photo you took inside the Palm House looking down at the plantings in the Parterre and the lake (and naked urns). I like it for the steamy beauty and also for the rust.

I enjoyed your trip to the top of the Treetop Walkway. Seems there is always something under construction in London, although it seems odd to me because at some point, the city is going to be out of room to expand (even UP!).

I don't remember seeing the horse heads before, but I was REALLY drawn to the Head in Three Blocks. Now THAT is one I would love to own. I also thought the Greyhound was darling, but I wouldn't want to take it home with me. I WOULD take the Block Head home, though.

Thanks for sharing these with us. It was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you had as much fun behind the lens as I did seeing your beautiful photos.

Chris Cresswell said...

Wowee Helen. You have surpassed yourself. I think I'd need a fortnight to see all of this at Kew. I love seeing your photos. You ought to produce a calendar of your year at Kew! The sculptures are absolutely stunning. The wood seating phenomenal. These Autumn colours contrast so beautifully with your previous seasonal photos. My favourite photos are the willow sculptures. I especially love the way you took the photo of the maple tree through the willow. Spectacular. A lovely half hour, well spent! Thankyou xxx

craftimamma said...

Oh my Helen, what an Autumnal treat! Needless to say I love all the photos and am very envious of you seeing it all in real life but am also grateful we have you to share it with us. I absolutely adore those glass flowers and when I win the lottery (and pigs might fly) I'm having one along with one of those beautiful, elegant carved chairs. lol! There's a photo of leaves that are exactly like those on my project I shared today! Glorious post Helen and thanks again.

Lesley Xx