Friday, August 11, 2017

Joshua and Kelsie's Wedding

Today, one of the boys I work with, got married.   I've just got home from the evening reception.
I have his permission to share the photos before they've been on honeymoon!

The wedding took place at a hotel called Great Fosters, in Egham, Surrey. It's about an hour's drive from home/work.    We arrived at 6.30 and (unlike the previous day when it had been very, very wet!) the sun was shining and we went outside to the gorgeous grounds..

 Me, in heels!!  a very rare occurrence; (they didn't stay on long, I changed to flats!)
 Monica and Lesley
 the beautiful rose garden
 ah, a bride and groom!
 meet Joshua and Keslie Brown - the newlyweds

 just love the detail on the back of the dress
 Lesley, Shaun and his wife Cerryn
 outside in the courtyard, beautiful blue sky, not seen one of those for a while!
 out side in the garden, found the bride and her bridesmaids... not sure the version of rose gold I used for the colour co-ordinating card is quite accurate (I knew it wouldn't be!)

 me, posing!
 it was quite an office outing - group Monica Bradley Associates photo!
l to r - Monica, Kirsty, Phil, Lesley, Shaun, his wife Cerryn, James and his girlfriend Jo...

 and one with me
 close up of the detail on Kelsie's dress (annoyingly slightly out of focus)  but stunning
 moving through to the dancing...
 stunning decorations

 A beautiful wedding cake, each layer a different flavour

 time to cut the cake
 first dance..

 an excellent display they put on, well done Josh and Kelsie

er....removal of the garter...
 tossing the bouquet
 off guard shots...
 outside for sparklers...

 Phil and his girlfriend Vicky

this  takes me back...

James Monica and Phil rocking some tunes!

Just leaves me to say,
Congratulations Josh and Kelsie - have a great honeymoon!

Oh, and even though this isn't the craft blog, this seems a good place to share the finished wedding card I made for us as an office, to send the happy couple.


craftimamma said...

Fabulous photos Helen and everyone and everything looked stunning! So glad the weather behaved after yesterday and that they had a day to treasure.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Kelsie is one beautiful girl. I remember Joshua from Wimbledon. that is one good looking couple and the look very happy. LOVED the photo of the garter removal! Glad you shared these and you look far better in heels than I would!

Miriam said...

Fabulous photos as usual Helen. Looks like a beautiful wedding....and you looked lovely. I'm the same though. I only wear heels for as little a time as possible!

Neet said...

Where do I begin?
You look fabulous Helen!
Absolutely gorgeous bride & groom.
Love the dress - and the detail you showed us - stunning.
Fantastic cake
Wonderful floral decorations
Looks as if a fine time was had by all - gosh, you have never looked back since you went working there. Enjoy!
Hugs, & Thanks for Sharing
Neet xx