Saturday, January 21, 2017

First trip of the year...

So I haven't had either a free or dry Saturday to get to Kew this year... but boy was today cold!
 a heavy frost and bright sunshine by the time I got there for 10 am opening...
 the Broad Walk empty and bathed in sunshine..
 heavy frost on the stalks - most of the planting in the Broad Walk has been cut back hard ready for the new season, but some growth remains
 the light was shining through the leaves

and I LOVED the frost of the name plates!

 round to the Palm House Pond at the top of the Broad Walk.  frozen solid and bathed in light

the dogwoods still looking stunning

 as I walked round the Pond I took loads of pictures,

 loved the shadows and the reflections

 and the blue of the sky was gorgeus
 after stopping in the Victoria Place cafe (sat outside eating my sausage roll) I headed off in the other direction
 the arboretum, lots of colour , loved the frost on the grass, it was crunchy underfoot

beautiful frosty leaves
 great light shining through the leaves, so translucent

 loved the reflections in the gallery windows

 beautiful bright orange berries against the sky
 holy leaves
 this tree trunk looks as if someone has wrung it out like a cloth!
 time for a shadow selfie by the Henry Moore statue

and another frozen lake

 fabulous pop of red from these buds...

something above me made me look up.... I thought I'd felt something fall on me... thinking it was going to be bird poop, I was surprised to see....

a squirrel in the tree eating something - surely they don't eat berries?

 love the reflection of the ducks feet on the frozen ice

 shadows of the dogwood making great patterns on these frosty stones

the Treetop walkway looking great against the blue sky

 back at the Palm House pond, beautiful reflections - love how the ice makes the reflections static,

 there were great chunks of loose ice on top of the surface of the pond, glinting in the mid-day sun
 a quite a crowd looking at the fish under the surface, and the ducks out in the middle of the pond
 the order beds for the students all neatly dug ready for the new season

found a solitary hellebore in the woody area between the order beds and the Princess of Wales glasshouse..
 where they are preparing for the annual Orchid festival (starts in 2 weeks)

there are a few pillars of orchids installed ready, but I won't spoil the surprise !

I will say there is an Indian theme this year though, so it should be exciting.

 outside in the Grass garden, still a lot of fabulous growth and colour here,

 but first, I walked through the Alpine House
 just love this blue!

 the waterlily ponds are semi frozen, loved how the leaves are trapped under the ice

 got a bit carried away with the grasses today...
 they were catching the sun magnificently

 from the grass garden it is a hop skip and jump to....
the Hive...
 up on the viewing platform, but it was icy so the platform itself was roped off for safety
 buds (possibly magnolia, couldn't get close enough to the plate on the tree to check)
 final walk down the Broad Walk before heading home

hope you've enjoyed today's marathon walk - next time I go the Orchids will be on so come back with me then for some amazing colour!


Kirsten said...

Beautiful photos Helen, thank you. But I can't believe the orchid festival is only two weeks away, it feels like only a few months since the last one.

Miriam said...

Gorgeous photos.... it must have been very chilly but it made for great photos!

sam21ski said...

Another great walk through the woods, grasses, leaves, flowers and pond and great to see the wildlife too xx

Lin said...

Wow Helen your piccies today are fabulous..The frost looks amazing!!

Sally H said...

Wow, Helen! Stunning photos! I don't think you can beat a frosty sunny morning. It is still dull and grey here - had my headlights on in the middle of the day, but did see a resting buzzard 4 kestrels and a barn owl on my journey too and from Dads

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your first shot makes it look so desolate, and it was the same for the Broad Walk.

The frost on the mint looked more like mini icicles. The photos around the pond look beautiful, but made me feel cold. In fact I got a chill several times while I was looking at them. Even the Moore statue looked cold. I wanted to cover it with a blanket.

Had to laugh that the photos of the reflections outside the gallery reflected the botanicals being showcased inside the gallery. You planned that I'm sure.

AH the holly leaves. I have a holly bush, but mine isn't variegated like the one at Kew.

For some reason, the ponds did NOT look frozen to me, that is until I saw the photo of the ducks and their reflections in the ice. I loved the reflections and the beautiful autumn colors at the Palm House pond, and was so surprised when I saw the bright green on the berm.

It never occurred to me that they don't take the waterlilies inside in winter. Trapped under the ice would have been a shocker to me.

Loved the photos from the Alpine House. That could well be my favorite place. Other than the Hive, of course. I think that's the first time I've seen it from that distance. I was stunned that it was that large. For some reason, I never thought it would be about three stories high.

OH ORCHIDS. I've seen them in floral shops before, but they are all single and potted for home delivery. I hope to see what they look like when they are in their more natural habitat.

Thanks for sharing this trip you took on Saturday. It is incredible and always fun to visit there with you.

Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous photos - only just caught up with them. All really lovely but I particularly love the frosty notice, the amazingly colourful dogwood, those red buds (wow!) that very unusual view of a squirrel, those frothy grasses and all the shadows and reflections.

craftimamma said...

Such wonderful photos from this visit Helen. The frost makes for incredible effects and the frozen lake is gorgeous. Love the leaves trapped under the ice with so much colour still visible. Glad you didn't have our very dull weather for your visit.

Lesley Xx