Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kew in the fog

You all know how much I love Kew, and despite being the day after a train strike and engineering works, and heavy fog I was off, as a treat to myself for (more or less) finishing my Christmas shopping .... in fact the fog helped, because it made for an amazing atmosphere!

 the engineering works meant I had to go via Clapham Junction then Willesden Junction and Kew Gardens not to my normal Kew Bridge, so the other gate... decorated for Christmas
 you can barely see the Palm House!
I posted a photo of this to facebook, (from my phone,the camera isn't that clever!) which resulted in comments like 'could have come out of a horror movie'
but I love the mysterious look it gives the landscape... settle back!

 great reflections though, despite the lack of light and colour
you can see the Palm House even less in this one,you wouldn't know it was there unless you know the scene...

 through the Dogwood, beautiful bright red and yellow stems. (not that you can really tell that today!)
the Broad Walk disappearing into the fog..
 magnolia buds appearing though...
 walking up the hill to the Hive,a glimpse of the Orangery  in the murk!
 condensation from the fog presumably, as it hasn't been frosty for days,

 love how the fog has condensed onto the cobwebs between the metal posts down from the Hive; beautifully formed drops

 paperbark tree
 Davies Alpine house, shrouded,..
 miniature narcissus

 had the place to myself!

 I don't often walk past this water fountain though I know I have shared it before..

 back round the Palm House pond again, still
 after visiting the shop by the Victoria Gate where I came in, (got a couple more Christmas presents, including one for you do) I headed the other way, to look at part of the Christmas at Kew trail in "daylight"
even unlit in the daytime, I love these 'Christmas trees with a difference'

 love the drops on the end of the pine tree

down there somewhere is the Pagoda!

 I was hoping that the Henry Moore would be a suitably creepy kind of venue...

 from there I walked round the lake, on the left hand side
lots of ducks and geese swimming and flying - the ripples here are where I just missed two landing!
 more gorgeous reflections though

 more dogwood on the island just alongside the Sackler Crossing
 think they were hoping for food!  none to be had, not even anything for myself!!

 this lovely little chap came zooming at me, nearly got him properly in focus but couldn't bare to leave him out!

swan making a great pattern of ripples in the lake.

the Sackler Crossing
 amazing tree trunk!

can you guess where we are going next??

 the Treetop Walkway... high up in the fog!

 well you can't see far from up here today, lol!!

 the trees are good though!
 more Christmas at Kew decorations

on the other side of the path, I saw a couple of ladies looking at the base of a tree......

a huge clump of funghi growing in the damp leaf mold round the tree

 still a bit of autumn colour on the big trees near the Waterlily house (now closed for the winter)
 and huge bare trunks...
 the Palm House from the Rose Garden.. if anything, it's foggier now than first thing!

 bit different to those glorious shots I got last time I was here

 the Palm House parterre, planted up for late winter/early spring colour to come...

can't help but put in one of those 'so blue sky' photos I was so proud of...what a difference! (19th November)

and back to the start, I stopped to take the entrance for you.
time for home and my feet up (which I am about to do, 2 hours later!!)

hope you've enjoyed the walk, it was very different today, but I loved it! I have never seen it like it was today, but so glad I went.


sam21ski said...

Gosh it looks like a completely different place, very desolate and eerie, there was absolutely no-one about, what a dramatic change!! TFS xxx

Angela Curror said...

Lovely atmospheric photos Helen. You're faster than me - I was at Coombe Wood this morning but haven't done my photos yet.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would say you had quite an adventure at Kew today. There's something about fog that makes it magical, and SO still. You can hear your own heart beat in the fog.

The photo of the Broad Walk was fabulous, and several photos above it were actually eerie feeling.

The hive seemed active, and the cobwebs were incredible.

I don't think I've ever seen a miniature narcissus before. They are beautiful with their winter colors.

I'm sure you have shared the fountain before, but it's been a long time since I saw it. Seems I remember the water coming from his mouth.

The alpine house was FABULOUS, both outside and in. It is one of my favorite places at Kew, and I always love it when you share photos from there.

Henry Moore was majestic looking in the fog. I especially liked the view you got after walking around the lake.

Those Christmas trees were unbelievable. What impressed me was their size, and the fact they could be twins. Such perfect symmetry on each tree and both together.

The Palm House reminded me of blowing your warm breath on glass on a cold day. I thought the photo was fantastic. And the Palm House parterre, already has a lovely color and patterns quite visible in the fog,

The treetop walk amazed me, especially the long view from the ground. Up high, the walkway was so vivid, but not much else, other than treetops, as you pointed out.

And finally, Victoria Plaza is very festive looking and, since I've never seen this before, really enjoyed the shot.

Thanks for taking us to Kew today. The silence of the fog is fabulous. Your camera took fantastic shots, too, because I've often said fog is one of the most difficult things to capture on "film." So glad it was fun for you, too.

Kirsten said...

Very different Kew photos this timme, but all very beautiful & full of atmosphere. Well done on braving the rail engineering works, hope you've had your feet up since you got home.

craftimamma said...

These photos are just as fantastic as usual Helen, just different! Very atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful. As Sam said it was so empty! I love the two pics of the droplets on the pine tree among many others.

Lesley Xx

craftytrog said...

Beautiful photos Helen! Must visit Kew one day. It must have been wonderful, wandering around in the mist, and having the place to yourself, my kind of day!

Neet said...

Took me ages to get through your pictures but oh how I did enjoy the journey. I love that gate at the very start and was going to say I loved the 4th picture down until I came across so many many more that I liked equally.
Like you I love the fog in your photos, gives so much atmosphere and I think you have an album full of simply wonderful photography so thanks so very much for sharing.
Hugs, Neet
ps your comment on my trip to York was that I was "brave" I think you really meant "stupid" - never again! xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Yup walk in rain or fog or windy wild and challenging all fun, thanks fir sharing, loved the contrast twosome of lake at end.
Happy WOYWW!!
Shaz in Oz.x #3

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Stacy Sheldon said...

So many beautiful shots Helen wow, thanks for sharing these :)