Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's been a while...

since I last had a free Saturday to get to Kew, and if I didn't make it today it would have been another 3. So with the forecast tomorrow set for very very wet, I headed off in the sunshine and cold.
 the Thames from Kew Bridge walking to the gardens...
I was early, so walked round to the Victoria Gate to avoid standing in the cold longer than necessary, passed the church on Kew Green
 once inside, I headed towards the arboretum and the big trees
 the sky was blue and the trees with leaves still on (there are quite a lot already bare) were looking spectacular still
I snapped away...

getting in amongst the leaves with the sun shining through

 and focusing up through the leaf canopies
there have been some amazing berries this year

 the grass was wet from the melting frost but it didn't stop me heading for the best colour

 I thought this was a pile of leaves to start with, but closer inspection showed it to be several clusters of funghi of some kind..
 there were three or four groups, quite amazing

perfect globules of melted frost, glistening on the leaves int the sun..

 the Japanese Garden looking colourful

 heading for the Treetop Walkway,

 climbing the steps up (lift out of order again!)
stopped now and again for some photos (good excuse!)
 once up, the walkway can now be seen from across the other side (it goes round it a sort of circle) now the leaves are dropping
In summer, you will remember, it is just green

 just love the rusty supports amongst the three growth

 just gorgeous!!

 quick visit to the Henry Moore statue

 the annual "Christmas at Kew" event starts next week, lots of the exhibits and lights are in place ready (I really must book a ticket to go this year!)... but they were still working on getting it all finished

there is a new light trail this year apparently.  Obviously a 12 Days of Christmas theme going on ..
 and red baubles in a tree.. looking fab - bet they will look amazing lit up at night...
 oh look, it's me!!

 the lake at the Palm House, stunning reflections,  settle back, I got very carried away!...
 these are on the standard zoom still...
 look at the blue!!

 can't decide which is my favourite!

time for the wide angle zoom, set to it's widest... oh my!!

 back to the standard zoom again!

 a quick walk down the Broad Walk, not much left now, it's very much been put to bed for the winter
 round to the Hive, my eye was caught by this pop of colour!

 and the Grass Garden still looking colourful

 teasels against the light...

 some final light shining through the leaf shots...

and a last look at the sky...

the journey home was a nightmare, got back to the station to find I had missed a train by moments, the next one was cancelled, the one after that was running late, cue a 50 minute wait in the chill air.... oh well, never mind it was worth it!


Angela Curror said...

STUNNING! Love all of the colours and textures!

craftimamma said...

Absolutely gorgeous Helen! Such beautiful colours still on display and those reflection shots are amazing. You're a brave lady going out for several hours in that cold. I only walked the dog for 45 minutes and the windchill gave me a migraine!

Lesley Xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Loved looking through your photos Helen, such gorgeous colours. I especially liked the close ups of leaves with the droplets on them and I adored the ones of the lake with the wide angled zoom. Hugs Debs xx

sam21ski said...

Great trees x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The water in the Thames looks cold.

I don't think I've ever seen the church on Kew Green before. It's beautiful, as is the clock tower.

The leaves against the blue sky were stunning. I have never seen berries on trees before. I want to reach into my computer screen and touch those lovely maple leaves.

Wow, that was a lot of fungi. Lovely folds.

OMGosh. That Japanese Garden is sensational and those rusty supports of the tree top walk had my heart pounding. After all, I have a thing for rust.

I hope you have a chance to get to the Christmas event. It already looks lovely with the birds and the baubles.

Your photos of the lake and the Palm House are jaw dropping, especially the wide angle shots.

The hive looks like it has been put to bed, too. What is the statue you showed with only the boots? Have I seen it before?

Sorry to read your trip home was unpleasant, but glad you found a way to turn it into a positive, at least. Thanks for taking us with you today.

Christine said...

Stu nning! Thank you so much for sharing, I love looking at them all.