Saturday, September 10, 2016

Autumn's coming... Kew in the drizzle

Set off early (the members early opening finishes at the end of the month so got to make the most of it) amidst grey skies that threatened rain (justifiably!)
walking to the station saw this rainbow - the sky wasn't that red, so not sure why it appears so...
a sign of things to come though!

 I got to Kew as it opened at 8, (just 2 people in front of me) and it just started drizzling... wasn't going to stop me though..

empty... broad - (well named) and stretching in to the distance.

the flowers on the Broad Walk are largely finished their main flourish (did you see Monty Don and Gardener's World there in last week's programme? you can probably still catch it on the bbc i-player if you're in the UK...)

I decided to try for some close ups again today..

 gorgeous pink
 and the mauve scabious. rain drops prominent here!  I was getting wet... the camera was getting wet...
blues.. still lots of colour about,

love the contrast of this soft grass against the fading purple flowers
 and the middle of this seems to be going in 2 directions!

 yep, still raining!

 this part of the Broad Walk is my favourite I think, and the growth is still lush and tall

 fading pink petals on this cone flower
 bees didn't mind the rain, either!
 walked up to the Hive, love how down on the Broad Walk those grasses are developing nicely now
the bees in the real hive (that is connected to this installation) were still very active, as indicated by the illuminated led lights
 back down at the Order Beds now... time for more close ups

 beautiful delphinium still so striking, just enough light to shine through it!
nigella seed heads

 bright pink drooping flowers
 the pergola, looking damp

 who can resist a hidden door?!
 more bees hard at work
view down the order beds

the Alpine House wasn't open (it wasn't yet 10 when the glasshouses etc open to the general public) - but it suddenly reminded me of something from Star Trek or Dr Who
 gorgeous gnarled old tree trunks..
 one of the galleries against a very grey sky
 definite signs of autumn, took me walking through the Arboretum looking for colour
 yep, the trees are turning!
 Scots Pine bark

 the grapes over the pergola outside one of the other restaurants. popped in to go to the loo... came out and yes, it was raining again!
 love the red leaves
 soon they will all be red!

 more berries

 and pine cones
 this was so fluffy
 more little cones or seeds on a fir tree

a group of hyrdrangea shrubs had all seen better days but still lots of blossom (or are they bracts on hydrangea?)

 so many different berries
 the geese were obviously finding something to eat in the grass!
last flush of roses in the rose garden outside the Palm House
 which was now open, so I went inside - this was hanging at head height
 shiny wet bamboo
 gorgeous clump of flowers high up above me
 back outside (dry again....)
still lots of colour in the Palm House beds

great reflections even without any sun

 inside the Waterlily house, the blooms were enormous!

 another walk down the Broad Walk

 cut across to the Princess of Wales house, they have just refurbished the area where they show the carnivorous plant (which I don't like)

these pitcher plants are ok though
 lotus flower (seed head?)

 bright pink bottle brush
 still lots of raindrops!

finishing with another wet glistening bloom.

time to head home and put my (our!) feet up!!


Miriam said...

Gorgeous pics Helen....looks like you had a nice time....

Angela Curror said...

I'm glad you braved the rain - lovely photos! That white flower middle has gone completely crazy! Love the bright pink drooping flower and the lovely door. How kind of the unusual flower in the palm house to hang at head height for you - and what a strange structure in the waterlilies - almost like a halved and peeled marrow!

craftimamma said...

Still a post full of gorgeous photos Helen with lots of pretty colour. Love all the beautiful berries and my favourite pic this time is the nigella seed heads. Thanks for braving the rain for us to enjoy your pics.

Lesley Xx

sam21ski said...

Gosh you can certainly see that Autumn is on its way - great photos as usual xx

Linda said...

Lovely photos as always Helen! Well done on getting such good shots despite he gloomy weather. I love to see your photos of Kew, I have missed being in blogland! I hope to post more on my blog soon. Thanks for commenting!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm really trying to catch up on your posts. I was so amazed at how different the trees and bushes looked now that autumn seems to be raring its head. Not my favorite time of the year, but I like it far better than summer.

I'm not sure I've seen the alpine house before and look forward to seeing what's inside. I am truly thrilled you didn't let a little water get in your way because these photos were spectacular. So much better than having to try to shoot around people.