Sunday, August 14, 2016

Everyone loves a wedding....

Today (well technically yesterday) saw the wedding of my nephew Peter to his lovely fiancee Grace. It was held at The Conservatory, Painshill near Cobham, and very lovely it was too.

A bittersweet day however as 19 years ago later this month, my lovely sister Margaret, Pete's Mum, passed away.  She was greatly missed today but I am sure was looking down on her grown up (but still very young) middle son, getting married. Especially with their beautiful daughter Maisie...

So, sit back and enjoy.  I am sorry, I don't know who all the guests are (if you see the post and want to be named, let me know in the comments and I will add you)

my niece Rachael, nephew William, brother Richard and sister in law Lynne, plus other guests waiting for the happy couple

loved the bows on the backs of the chairs (no, I did NOT bring one home to craft with..)
It's official, they're married!
Their daughter Maisie with one of the bridesmaids
 After the signing of the register we all got a chance to take photos.
 outside for drinks and canapes
Peter and Grace, with my brother in law Graeme, Peter's dad.

 Peter with Maisie and her two best mates, twin boys (sorry, don't know their names) the son's of one of the bridesmaids, Bek. . They are so cute!
 such a nice setting - and yay for nice weather!
 in the blue, Mandy, my nephew's stepmum. Graeme, dad of the groom and his sister Tracy

Loving all the boys and men in their smart blue suits..

I think the two to the right of Peter (on the left of the photo) are Grace's brothers. To Peter's right is my other nephew Michael, and on the right Peter's best mate from school, Jamie. Michael and Jamie, both best men.

Maisie, four at the end of the month. Sooo cute!

Michael on twin sitting duties!

 boys will be boys!

 HOW many more photos do I have to stand for.....

it's too sunny.....

 Grace and her father in law!!
 gorgeous blue sky now, so beautifully warm.

 I know you aren't meant to embarrass people with their mouths full... on the left, Neil, one of Graeme and my late sister's best friends.., my brother Richard in the middle, and nephew William.
 Grace and her lovely mum Jane

 brother and his family
and with me in blue

 Neil and his wife Wendy, they were such good friends of my sister, and it was lovely to see them again,  and Mandy.

It was lovely to catch up with another of Maggie's friends, Pauline too. but I seem to have missed her in the photos!!
 Groom and his Dad...

and younger brother

and stepmum Mandy

all of a sudden, a roar in the sky and the Red Arrows flew over... coincidence, but fabulous!

Peter and his stepsisters Hannah Stephanie and Leanne (I hope I have them in the right order, I may not....)

Caught sister Tracy peering at Graeme , sorry this is the only one of this group I have..

time to sit and chill in the sunshine...

 table settings

time to eat!  the room looked gorgeous
 such a pretty table setting

love it... no I didn't bring one of them home, either!
speech time, proud Dad of the bride, Ian....

and Peter's speech. paying tribute to his Dad for the way he brought you all up without my sister...  you did well, Peter.
the speeches made us cry, but laugh too,  as they should,
 stunning wedding cake (not sure how I missed tasting it, every time sliceds came round I seemed to miss out...)
mingling between courses..
 "me and my brother..."  Michael and Peter...
Your mum would have been so proud of you both today.
 Maisie and her Dad
 time to cut the cake..

 and the first dance...

 general mayhem on the dance floor....

 that gorgeous table setting again..

 you may recognise this dance...

think Lynne wants me to stop taking photos.. poking your tongue out at me???

Hope you've enjoyed the day as much as I did, and thank you to Jane and Ian for asking us, we had a fabulous time.     I took 200 photos... wheedling  it down was tricky, but I love the informal shots capturing the emotion of the day   To Peter and Grace, have a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico and enjoy your long and happy life ahead... .                                                                                                       


Darcy UK said...

Ohh i love a good wedding, everything looked gorgeous. Fabulous day all round I'd say.

Darcy UK said...

Ohh i love a good wedding, everything looked gorgeous. Fabulous day all round I'd say.

Angela Curror said...

How lovely to see these photos Helen. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to Peter and Grace.

Julie Ann Lee said...

This looks like such a beautiful wedding! Lovely day for it too! What a stunning bride and little Maisie looked like a princess! I wish them every happiness in the future! Great informal photos, capturing a wonderful day, Helen of some sadness but a lot of joy. xx

Caz said...

Looks like a lovely day....great that the weather was sunny for you and the red arrows putting in an appearance was fab! Happy time but a little sad too. The bride looked beautiful and little Maisie such a sweetie!
Loved your dress Helen, oh to be the size to wear something like that :(
Always like looking at wedding photos even if I don't know all the people. Great shots of a lovely day

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely photos, there really is nothing like a wedding for reminding us about family, your sister would have loved to see her boys like that, how handsome!

Neet said...

Gorgeous photos Helen, I especially like the end ones when the room was bathed in a purple light.
Such a lovely bride, groom, bridesmaids and you.
Hugs, Neet xx

Miriam said...

Fabulous photos Helenot...looks like a lovely wedding and great day....I'm sue your sister was looking down and proud: )

Miriam said...

Fabulous photos Helenot...looks like a lovely wedding and great day....I'm sue your sister was looking down and proud: )

Christine said...

What a lovely wedding, setting, cake, weather ....
Loved it all, thank you for sharing.

You look very well, love the dress.

Kirsten said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful day. Congratulations to the bride & groom.