Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's all about the bees.. the Hive opens at Kew

You may have seen items about the Hive, the summer art installation at Kew, which opened to the public today.  Members allowed in from 8 and they opened the Hive then for us... so off I trotted.
hopefully you can enlarge this to read more about it.. and it is there until November 2017 so plenty of time for everyone to get to see it (and after today, you will be seeing it lots on here again!)
There was quite a crowd of members who also wanted to see this early, so for once there are people in my photos!

So sit back and enjoy... I did get a bit carried away with the pictures. and this is my first visit!
from the entrance
 the structure
 looking up through the viewing platform from the ground
from the side
 the viewing platform, love the shapes (beehive hexagons of course) and fantastic reflections from above and below
 during the course of my morning (I was there for four and a half hours) I kept going back.. at the beginning being 8 am and dull, the LED lights weren't being activated by the bees and nor was the music... also they'd had a power issue to sort out.. but eventually the lights started flickering as the bees in the hives around Kew started moving and communicating with each other. there are some you will see where you can see the lights (see down a few!)

 bit later on, as you can see, it's going to be a very popular attraction

 best not wear a short skirt.....

you can see the lights on in this one - the bees are awake and moving!

 yes, this would be fun!
as I say, reflections from above and below! love it.

 ok, so the rest of my visit - the Broad Walk is flourishing now and looking spectacular

 heavy overnight rain had left raindrops on lots of flowers, but as always the Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle) looks as if the water is drops of mercury puddling on the leaves

 families of geese eating away at the grass or something in the grass - I was headed for MY breakfast, too!  (bacon roll and a free coffee)
 the gunnera, growing still
 in the order beds, lots has changed since I was there 12 days or so ago, the peonies are finished but I love this purple
 the rose pergola is also going over but smelled delicious!

 the poppies were very popular with the bees

 more raindrops.. not roses but poppies

 round the back of the School of Horticulture, I snuck a look in the window... hmmm they're planning Christmas already!  bet it will be great again.
 the grasses are growing again in the Grass Garden
 gorgeous purple in the Duke's Garden

 outside the Waterlily House
 then I went a bit mad in the Rose Garden - again, the SMELL!!  fantastic display - lots of petals on the ground and the branches were bowing with the weight of the blossom...
 NOW we have raindrops on roses!

 loved trying the focus on the background/foreground game today!
think I prefer the one above!

 in the Palm House, once I'd got the lens clear of misty-up-ness - love the light shining through these huge palm leaves
 wildflowers and iris at the water's edge down by the lake
 the families of geese had swum or walked to the other side of the Palm House Pond and were heading off elsewhere...
 not enough sun today to truly bring out the Californian Poppy blooms
 lots of alliums, love the acid yellow in the background
great big daisy type flowers
 the Broad Walk at the start of the Walk, lots of purple
 more alliums

 on my way out now, the Indian horse chestnut were looking fabulous, and again, attracting loads of bees

phew!  mammoth session today, but so worth it... thanks for looking.


sam21ski said...

Fab photos again, the Bee thing was on tv the other night, there was a programme about it and I thought of you xx I think it was the day my pc crashed!

Gabrielle said...

The Hive looks fascinating - wonderful photos (as always) that really transport you there but also leave you hungry yo want to go yourself. Terrific post Helen x

Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous variety! Lovely photos!

snazzyoriginal said...

Amazing photographs Helen, love the Broad Walk but I always was a sucker for a wide herbaceous border x

BJ said...

Super pics, the hive looks amazing. Love the Alliums. Bit special to me today they are.

Caz said...

Fantastic photos again Helen...The Hive looks really interesting!

craftimamma said...

Wonderful post as always Helen but a bit special today with all your pics of The Hive. I would love to see and hear it! I think mhy favourite flower today is the rose in the photo before the palm leaves one. What a stunner!

Lesley Xx

Lin said...

Fantastic piccies again Helen!! great colours and that structure is the geese too!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

At first I was confused, but from the looks of your FANTASTIC photos, the hive must be enclosed so the bees can't leave. Every shot was lovely, and I so enjoyed the other photos along the Broad and the roses, too. I'm SO glad you share these with us when you go to Kew.

Kirsten said...

The Hive looks amazing & so many beautiful flowers. Glad you had a lovely time thanks for sharing the photos.