Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas walk at Kew

Not only that, it's the first post I've written on the new computer!
The day started bright and sunny (now I'm home it's cloudy again) Despite the cold I've been fighting since Christmas Eve, finally coming out this morning I wasn't going to miss a walk in the sun... 

 the sun was low, being December, so cue lots of "arty" shots of shadows ...
... this one's just for Julia! 

 I decided to concentrate on the Palm House today, taking loads of shots from different angles..
 Sam commented about the grass being muddy after all the rain - yes, but not too bad, and it was largely short so I didn't get too wet..
 it's not out of focus, it was steamy in the glass house!

 took this from all angles today (won't bore you with all of them!)
 just a couple!! I was looking to see how the reflections changed whilst walking round it and depending where the sun was
 Snowdrops in the Rock Garden
 and the roses are already growing back across the Pergola in the Order Bed gardens
 took several of this temple from various viewpoints too!

 and came across this magnificent peacock, whose tailfeathers are already growing back ready to attract his mate in the spring.  Fabulous rich colours

 he was just across the path from this view - the fountain is still off because the Kew at Christmas event is still on, and they use the Pond for a lighting and water display
 but fabulous reflections of the Dogwoods alongside the pond.

 hmmm what can I say, I loved them!
 and the Palm House again

 more temples...
and this tree still with lots of leaf, the sun shining brightly through the green

 into the sun for this one (tut tut!) but quite like the effect nonetheless
 the Temperate House, shrouded in polythene for the restoration
 and Hellebores flowering, in December?!
 lots of fantastic trees displaying leafless shapes..
 and the Henry Moore sculpture
 walked across the Sackler crossing, more reflections in the water
 more knobbly tree trunks..
the lift was out of action for maintenance (no sign of workmen though!) so had to take the steps.. coughing along the way!!

 stopping partway for this gorgeous shot against the blue sky
and from the top, across to the other side. love the alternating rusty steel supports and the tree trunks.
 back to the Palm House
This is from the Rose Garden side
 loved these fluffy clouds!

 and the sun shining through the roof

into the Waterlily House, only small blooms at the moment, but loved the reflections again

final shot of the Princess of Wales Glasshouse, as I took my cough back to the train home!

oh, forgot one! found this water fountain I've never noticed before..
the water comes out of the mouth.


sam21ski said...

WOW super quick new pc, you've not been back half an hour and all your photos downloaded onto pc, the chosen ones displayed and all written up - excellent

Great choices too, can just hear that grass squelching in the background - lol xxx

It looks like it was a beautiful day, that's how it was here yesterday, really helps to bring out the wonderful colours, even at this time of year - lovelyxxx

CraftygasheadZo said...

FAbulous pics - looks amazing there I can see why you go there. Glad new puter impressing you! It'll do a lot of things faster & make life easier for you with your photos. Jsut remember to back them up!!! Yes Keagan doing well. Now over half way. Can't wait to have him home that's for sure. Hope you feel better soon. Take care Zo xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah, liking the shadow pic..don't the bags and everyday stuff that you have to carry make weird changes to your shape!! Looks like a lovely walk, love the trees and metal and the angles of the Palm house. You must have been up quite early, our sun had gone by lunchtime. Hope you start to feel bette, I've got it too and today has been pants!

BJ said...

Super photos, knew exactly which one was for Julia. Love the autumnal palm house and great to find something you'd not spotted before too, BJ

Claire said...

Yay for your new computer!! Love all the different views you've taken and how the shadows make the photos change atmosphere. But my fav has to be Mr Peacock - what a stunner! His colours are soooo beautiful :-)
Claire xx

Sally H said...

Gorgeous photos, Helen! I love them all. I really enjoyed my virtual walk around Kew with you. Sunshine has been very rare here. Enjoy your new computer and I hope you shake off the cold and cough very quickly xxx hope you had a great Christmas

Lynda Beazley said...

Hi Helen hopped over from WOYWW to have a look at your lovely photos. Looks like you had the place to yourself! I too have had an awful cough and cold and am only just starting to feel better. Hope you do too. Happy New Year to you
Lynda B 10

Christine said...

Amazing walk today! Love that you found something new, hope we will see the 'old man' spouting his water some time.
Love all those reflections photos of the dogwoods - they are such a gorgeous plant.

Thank you for sharing

Kirsten said...

Sorry, Helen, I obviously missed this post due to the business of Christmas. I'm glad you got a visit to Kew then, the photos are terrific. And my hellbores have been flowering since December too. :)