Saturday, December 6, 2014

Deep and Crisp and Even...

Welcome back to my recently neglected photos blog!  I woke late this morning after a fabulous night our at my office Christmas party (drinks at Windows, a bar at the top of the Hyde Park Hilton with fabulous views over London) followed by a walk round Winter Wonderland and then dinner at the Oxo Tower on London's South Bank...Sadly no photos as I couldn't carry my camera.... anyhow, I woke late (for me) at 8.40 but it was so bright and frosty an beautiful, I made a snap decision to go to Kew.. and I am so glad I did, I took nearly 200 photos and it was perhaps the best visit I've ever had... sit back and enjoy - this could take a while!
 I arrived an hour later than usual, around 10.30. The frost was still heavy on the ground, and the gardens looked beautiful.

winter is a time for renewal and new planning, and they are working on the Broad Walk, for a stunning sounding new long border, to be completed the summer after next. should be good!
 I knew that "my" fountain would be looking good today, and I got quite carried away (these are just a few of the photos I took)

 the Dogwoods were looking colourful today
and the reflections were great too
 and the sunshine catching the water spray beautifully in the air

 still loads of frost on the grass especially

 inside the Palm House, they were spraying the plants and there was a warm tropical misty atmosphere
 back outside, and walked round the other side of the lake where the Dogwoods were reflecting in the lake
 more frosty grass pictures!
 just love the shadows of the trees in the frost

 and the sky, and leaves still so colourful

 off to the Henry Moore sculpture again, surrounded by frosty grss

 the frost was melting on the statue, creating drips - you may need to click on them to enlarge them to see better

 a quick selfie!

if I'd been able to stay till 2.30 they were going to have carol singing in the Orangery restaurant here..
but I was tired after my late night, and had to head home.

Hope you've enjoyed today's photos - I have lots more, but think this will have taken you long enough to look at!


margaret said...

Great pictures Helen!! Margaret

jojo79 said...

Fantastic pictures Helen x

sam21ski said...

WOW it looks like a summers day with the colour of that lovely blue sky, apart from all the frost on the ground of course - hehehe!!

Another fabulous set of photos and you obviously had a fantastic day and evening last night.

You did well to get up and go xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Terrific photos, Helen! I really love the effect of frost on fallen leaves. I'm going to show these to Terry later, as he is a keen photographer too! Three of our family share this love! I'm going to come back later and study these some more, especially the ones of water, as I have to cook now. xx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Helen, they are wonderful photos. Impossible to pick favourites, but the ones of the Henry Moore sculpture would have to be in my top ten. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit & that you had such a great time last night.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What amazed me were the bright late summer and early autumn colors along with the frost. Here there is NOTHING but brown and dead, including the grass.

So glad you had a great office party, then was able to share such lovely photos with us.

I simply HAD to take time to visit and see all these beauties. Now I must get back to the grindstone again. Thanks for sharing these.