Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mind blowing drugs, big bronzes and gorgeous colours anyone?

Just a normal visit to Kew then... They have a short autumn season entitled Intoxication Season - it finishes on 12th October - with all kinds of exhibits and features about toxic and mind-altering plants, which is more interesting than it sounds...

There wasn't much sun, but it was mild. Stand by - or better still, sit down and enjoy - as usual, this is a photo heavy post!
 the beds along the Broad Walk are still full of colour..
 even the flowers whose blooms have gone over, are gorgeous! very shabby chic!
 and the trees are starting to turn , though they are mostly still very green.
 inside the Princess of Wales Glasshouse, this lotus flower (seed, I guess) is stunning.
 and the air plants are still looking good.
loved the soft almost grey colour of this bloom!
 I promised you mind altering drugs ... I wasn't especially interested in the cannabis (the signs said it is a variety that has limited "strength" if you like,) I was more taken with the cage - they'd used these for their main exhibits - I love it!!
 and back outside in the flower beds, there are loads of gorgeous seed pods everywhere

Don't think I've every really looked at this statue before, it's rather gorgeous!
 "my" fountain is looking as if it's had a spruce up, it was glistening, and I don't think it was from the limited sun, or the water, I think it's been polished!

 the Ash trees were the most colourful already. I took loads of photos of this one tree, it would have been better if the sun was shining so I've only included this one!
 and the brg bronzes I also promised you - well one anyhow - they have this Henry Moore "Reclining Mother and Child" on loan - not sure how long for - it looks stunning in amongst the trees, the colour the bronze has gone, is just beautiful....

 from all angles!

 loved it!
 and even when I was walking away, couldn't resist taking some more!
There was lots of colour in this part of the garden

more ash trees (think it's another of the same tree actually)
 and berries
 and back by the Palm House, the rose garden is still looking colourful and some of them were highly scented too.
 the summer bedding in the bed at the front of the Palm House is also still looking gorgeous, love the colour combinations they used this year.

 and there was some sunshine, loved this reflection
 more seed heads

 my favourite of the day!
I need to print this one!!

Hope you have enjoyed Kew again, let's go again soon yes??


sam21ski said...

Ooooh Helen, what fantastic photos and sooo much colour, I really love the very first photo, the colours are just stunning. I love all the seed head photos, they look so tactile, especially the above the reflection of the building and of course that's fab too xxx

Can't wait until you go again as those leaves have turned a lovely colour already, but will be great to see a whole line of trees in those lovely autumnal colours xxxx

sam21ski said...

Oooh forgot to mention the cannabis cage, how could I forget that - lol xx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Fabulous photos Helen. My fav is the seed heads. Very interesting too. So much colour still in the gardens. Thanks for sharing x

Kirsten said...

Wow! Kew looks so beautiful! Your photos are wonderful. I love the seedheads too & that Henry Moore sculpture is one of my favourites.

craftimamma said...

Another gorgeous post with stunning photos Helen! Very hard to choose a favourite but I do love the ones with the seed heads near the bottom of the post. Love the fronds on the air plants too and the photo after them with the delicate grey flower. I had to laugh at all the locks on he bird cage butt understandable I suppose. The patina on the bronze 'Reclining Mother and Child' statue is beautiful but I can't say I'm over enamoured of the statue itself. I prefer the one you've only just studied.

I'm already looking forward to your next visit ;-)

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

As soon as I read that you had been to Kew, I simply had to stop by and enjoy the beauty you have shared this trip. You took some gorgeous photos, including "your" fountain and the bronze. Really glad you showed it from all angles.

Lots of seed pods dominated the gardens this time, I see. I guess it's that time of year.

Had to laugh at the cannabis plant. It looked rather puny compared to some I've seen that were confiscated by our local sheriff's office.

Such beauty in the gardens is rare. Some summer seems to be lingering, while autumn tries to show up.

Also loved the reflection, too. That was a stunning shot! Thanks for taking us along on this trip to Kew. I'll be ready to go again whenever you go!