Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kew again - Autumn spectacular 30.10.10

Hi, all.

Yesterday I took what may be the last opportunity to go to Kew to get the best of the autumn colour - and BOY was it worth it.  I had wanted to go last weekend, but they forecast rain (that didn't appear, at least at the time I'd have been there!) when I think probably it may have been better - this week, lots of the leaves have now fallen.  However, despite the best efforts of British Rail I got there just after 9.30 opening time and WAS I rewarded. So, sit back, it may be hard to decide which of the 74 or so shots I took, to leave out.....

The sky wasn't quite as grey looking as it's come out in the photos, but the colours still show up well!
As you can see, it was a lovely bright morning (mostly) which helps with the light coming through the trees.
 it was still early enough for the ground to be a touch frosty/dew covered. (my feet got wet!)

 Just love how this tree trunk twists round.

You can really appreciate the view from the walkway now the leaves are falling - love this shot with the dappled shade on thiese trees.

Could have done with the sun coming back out for this shot, I knew I should have waited around longer!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed these (check back to the last visit 3 weeks ago for the difference - and the funghi had all gone!)

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Lori said...

These are gorgeous pictures, Helen, just gorgeous. The colors are really lovely, I'm sure it was very relaxing!