Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hampton Court Flower Show - 9th July 2010

Well, I just about survived the exteme heat yesterday at Hampton Court Flower Show.  It was SO hot - I ended up buying a hat in the end.

I got there at 10 just as they opened the gates and for a while there was a bit of cloud cover which helped the temperatures but not the flower photography!  I took LOADS - about 140 - so these are just a pick!  (As I start to write, I dont know how I'm going to choose them...)  I had good intentions of making notes of the names of the gardens as I went but that went out the window and the notebook stayed in my bag all day (along with the long zoom lens which just came for the ride!)

I don't know if you saw any of the TV coverage this year so some of these you may recognise.  Anyhow, here goes. I'll keep the burble to a minimum!

Just love the bright pink!

They've changed the flower pavillion this year, it's one huge marquee now, not 5 linked ones. Loads of purple and blues this year.

How great do these veg look!

 Nursery rhymes!

 Girl guide groups creating great little scenescheck out the title of this one!  It's a "real" false leg...
Couldn't resist a fountain!  This is in the middle of the Long Water. They've changed the way the jets come out, since last year I am sure.

Maybe not what I'd call Shabby Chic - but I couldn't resist taking this pic when I saw the name!!

You can buy such weird things at Hampton Court! These bronzes were actually really great (but way out of my price range!)
They had a series of small gardens based on Shakespeare's comedies, really wish I'd note which ones were which...
And these poor actors were all dressed up performing (I assume, not being a Shakespeare expert) extracts from relevant play in front of each garden.)  They must have been sooo hot!
Local schools always enter scarecrows and the theme this year was Shakespeare. Love this "donkey dude"!!
Have saved my favest pic of all day for the end - these beautiful cornflowers!
I have had problems with blogger getting the comments where I wanted them, so fingers crossed!
Hope I haven't bored you rigid - there could have been so many more! Please leave me a comment to let me know which is your favourite?


Lesley said...

Lovely photos Helen. It's been about 10 years since I attended this show. Must try and get there next year.

I love the Sunflowers best!

Lori said...

I agree, I like the cornflowers best, nice shot! The pink water faucet one is pretty cool, too! Great pics, Helen, and I certainly can't imagine being dressed up in those dresses with this heat, it's been a bugger here, too.

Sue said...

lovely pics Helen, I would love to get to Hampton Court show one of these years!!! Those brightly coloured bronze figures were at Tatton too!

peggy gatto said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there, fabulous pictures!!!
I once went to the Chelsea Flower show (15 years ago) and I have never forgotten it for a moment!
thanks for showing your gorgeous photos!!!

Electra said...

Super pictures, I especially love the one that's all pink flowers, with the concrete, is it?