Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Own Year at Kew - continued

Thank you to those of you who've been along so far.

I went up to London today for a change from Kew but won't get the photos back till tomorrow (I may be impatient, but even I can wait 24 hours for them!!)  So here are a few more of my faves from my experiment to "do a year at Kew"

These were taken on 23rd May 2009 -a light, bright sunny morning.

I should know the names ....!

I love the way the sunlight is shining through these ferns!

I was kneeling down as low as I could to get this shot!  I love poppies and have always wanted to recreate the Cadbury's Flake advert with the poppy field - but never seem to find a poppy field in full flower!!

It's not all plants at Kew!  The architecture is great too - especially on nice days like this one was with the blue sky - it looks very different in November!

This is the Temperate House.

I did go in June, but there aren't any truly great shots!

This was the 18th July. I took several of these thistles, they were covered in bees so I had to be careful!

Again I was crouching down shooting up through the plant - good job it hadn't been raining!

August now - this is the Palm House

Here's "my" fountain again - I told you I was obsessed with it!  This time I've taken it from a different angle (for the sun) using some bushes to border my shot!  This was 19th September.  Another lovely bright day.

I love autumn - the flower borders are just full of gorgeous colours.

This is 3rd October.  Last year's autumn colour wasn't quite as good as the year before but this is one of my 2009 favourites though.   The joy of going to Kew first thing in the morning (I time it to arrive just before they open at 9.30) is that there are fewer people in the way of my photos!  

This is the newest of the glasshouses at Kew - the Princess of Wales Conservatory, opened in 1987. I love the shapes of this one.  This is where they have the orchid displays in Feb-March.


pamala said...

Your photos are breathtaking! Gorgeous!

minerva said...

beautiful. You have a real eye for this.